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It’s hip to be square

  Today I learned why people are so fond of buying pre-cut charm packs. Cutting 248 squares while not the most tedious crafty thing I’ve ever experienced, I did spend a lot of time worried that I’d either wound myself or destroy the fabric I spent way too much energy selecting for Pen’s biscuit quilt….

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The Olive Green Thumb

I’m not a gardener. Well at least I don’t think of myself as one but anyone I’ve come across who does not do anything garden related tends to see me as one because once the snow starts to melt ¬†I start attempting to grow things. Once I learned a few facts (i.e. fussy high maintenance…

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Change of plans

Over the weekend I collected fabrics that could work for the projects into a basket so they would be ready.   In the aftermath of the stomach plague from heck I had planned on finally finishing the cargo shorts for Seb but fate had other plans. Last Friday he arrived home from pre-school with a…

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