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Color Me Lucky: Flame

 When I signed up for the Color Me Lucky blog tour, I intended on the projects for both of my stops being another round of “selfish” sewing. The Pantone shade “Flame” was just too perfect for the kids and I could not resist making something for them instead.

Most of the vivid top Pantone hues for this season embody fun and excitement. Pretty much what both Sen and Pen live for. Flame seemed especially up their alley, just look at the color description below, and I just so happened to have 2 yards of an orange fleece on hand.

PANTONE 17-1462 Flame
“A red-based orange, Flame, is gregarious and fun loving. Flamboyant and vivacious, this wonderfully theatrical shade adds fiery heat to the spring 2017 palette.”

Swatch chart and quote are from the Pantone Institute website.


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My orange fleece needed a touch of red in order to be closer to Flame. Nothing a little dye could not fix!

I did not know if I wanted 2 yards of FLAME colored fleece, so I stuck with dying just the cut pants piece. It worked out great since I probably would have needed two packets for the full amount of yardage.

For the pants pattern I used See Kate Sew’s Triangle Pants. I’ve been pretty happy with her patterns, just look at all the Recess Raglans I’ve made, but this one had a few errors that made assembly a bit more frustrating than it should have been. There were two styles of cutting lines which varied between the pattern pieces. This lead to some confusion since I checked on one of the pants pieces to see which line I needed to cut and then that line turned out to be wrong for other pieces. Also, the waistband pieces were marked incorrectly which led me to cutting twice as much as I should have. Neither issue was the end of the world but it was enough where I made faces and did some head scratching. It was surprising since I own 6 of her patterns and I never had noticeable trouble with the others.

I got the pattern as part of one of those mega sewing pattern bundles that used to be all the rage (I kind of miss those! Not that I need MORE patterns…), so it is possible I missed out on an update. I’ll be emailing the designer with a heads-up and will update this post if I hear anything.

A size 6 worked well for Seb, though I probably could have gotten away with a 5 and still had the looser fit like I was going for. The fleece fabric I used had minimal stretch and I was concerned about the pants becoming uncomfortable without the stretch needed for a slim fit. For Pen, the 2T was spot-on. The striped ponte I used for the details worked great and added great contrast to the vivid orange legs.

Pattern used:
Triangle Pants by See Kate Sew

Thanks for stopping by for my first of TWO Color Me Lucky tour posts. I’ll be back in a few weeks exploring a lovely shade of blue and a few other colors that are part of Pantone’s Spring 2017 top colors. Follow me on Instagram for sneak peaks! For more color inspiration be sure to stop by all the stops on the tour.

Ready to follow along on another great blog tour? We’ve got inspiration for you every weekday for the entire month of March. I can’t wait to see how others are interpreting this color palette.

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    Ooooo I really like those triangle pants. The orange works particularly well with the stripes, they look fantastic.

    I’ve actually made triangle pants before myself, aaaaages ago and I had lots of problems with the pattern too. I might give them another go now that I’m more experienced I’ll be able to work out what to do rather than going strictly by the pattern.

    The two pairs I made were in woven. I definitely want to make them in knit next time though after seeing yours.

    These are SO cute, I love them. I’m glad to have read this… I got the pattern in a bundle as well but have never sewn it. Sounds like I should skip it!

    Damn these are so super cute. I’ve always wanted to get the triangle pants but just never got around to it, I hope that there is an update on them soon because after seeing these I really NEED this pattern! I adore your honesty about it!!

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