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Sunday Lately #111: Fighting, Relaxing, Daydreaming, Delivering, Amusing

I’m back again with another Sunday Lately after the lapse last Sunday due to the flu… again. Hosted by the Blogger Tribe, the writing prompts gives me the chance review my past week and bring you some insight into Rox.


Does anybody want free snow? Seriously. You can come take it all. Supposedly storm #3 will start in a few hours. /sigh



Do you sheet mask? I sheet mask like a boss and take absurd selfies while doing it. The kids love the animal faces Holika Holika masks but they are heavier than the plain ones I’ve tried. That makes it hard to do stuff and expect the mask to stay in place. Having an excuse to kick back for 20 minutes is not necessarily a bad thing but I do alternate with other masks and a sleeping pack.



I keep window shopping for fabric with warm weather in mind but I don’t have much for a fabric budget right now. I’m sure I have plenty to do without new shiny fabric but daydreaming about an unlimited stash is fun.



I’ve been really productive with my sewing projects this week. Most of it is for upcoming tours/posts, so I now have to contain my enthusiasm since I can’t litter the internet with what I’ve been up to.






Sunday Lately with Blogger Tribe


    I use sheet masks all the time! I probably have a stash of 20-30 of them, some of them from my Korean family or trips my Mom takes to Korea.

    LOVE that Beauty & the Beast fabric! Just about a month until the new movie!!! I’m super pumped.

    We have a ton of snow too…ready for spring but know it’s going to be a long haul yet here in Northern Wisconsin. 🙂

    Holy cow, you have a ton of snow! We have zero. And I’m not bragging…I’d like at least one day to go play in the snow and we’ve had nothing. It’s a bummer.

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