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Date Night February: Feisty Rox

Date night! Something that honestly will probably not happen this month due to a busy schedule but Mr. Rox will definitely owe me a rain-check for dinner and a movie. I’ve always felt a little torn when coming up with a movie date outfit. I want to look cute… and I want to be comfortable sitting for 2+ hours. Where you do find the middle ground? A wrap dress in a luxurious blue-gray sweater knit is one solution!

For my wrap dress project I mashed together the Mama Claire Two-Way Dolman Top with the even hem half-circle skirt option from Mama Cassie Peplum, Mini & Dress, both recent Made for Mermaids patterns.

Wrap dresses are a flattering choice for everyone and using the looser fitting dolman design for the bodice makes it easy to adjust the fit according to what sort of support I’m wearing underneath.

The dress is a functional wrap which helps also helps with the fit. Since the project was fly by the seat (seam?) of my pants, I had limited yardage to work with. Cutting 3 half circle skirts, plus the roomy dolman bodice, consumed most of the 3 yards I had on hand which left me with not much for a continuous piece to make the belt with. I may extend the belt length in the future.

I don’t have a tutorial available for my mash but here are a few things that might help you if you would like to re-create a dress like this for yourself.

  1. I used another dress bodice piece to gauge where I’d want the Mama Claire hit. I removed the appropriate amount from the Mama Claire pattern pieces.
  2. You will need 3 skirt pieces. The skirt that will be on the inside will sit nicer if you remove the curve from the edge at will be wrapped.
  3. I needed to very slightly gather the “bodice” for the pieces to fit on the skirt.
  4. I basted the side seams to test for fit and I unpicked the stitches on the bodice where I wanted the belt to be pulled through for tying. After finishing the seams up to before and after where the hole is, I used the excess seam allowance to “roll back” the edge to make the hole opening neat.
  5. I added extra width to everything so I could do a folded hem rather than banding the edges.
  6. I also added about 1 1/2″ to the sleeve length, just for reference.

My date night may be a raincheck but I’m still excited to have created a really cute and COMFORTABLE wrap dress. This will for sure be in heavy rotation! My original plan for the project was two create a two piece combo using the same patterns. I was happy with the muslins but my final fabric told me that it needed to be a one piece dress. I’ll be post a shot of my wearable muslins in a day or two over on Instagram. Don’t forget to follow me there if you are curious to see.


Patterns used:
Mama Claire Two-Way Dolman Top
Mama Cassie Peplum, Mini & Dress
Both patterns are by Made for Mermaids.


The tour host is holding a Grand Opening for her new fabric shop Simply By Ti. Use the coupon code: DATENIGHT valid through February 28th for 10% off your order. There is also a celebration in the shop Facebook Group going on right now with prizes!



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    Ahhhh! I love this dress on you. The shape of the skirt is to die for! I’m thinking about making a wrap-dress for date night this month. I love how versatile they are.

      Thank you! Wrap dresses are indeed very versatile. I feel bad that I did not make myself one sooner. It was a definite hole in my wardrobe.

    Beautiful dress. I’d like to try to make one but I’m going to need to make up the basic patterns first. I seem to buy pattern, fabric and look in awe at Facebook but rarely get to my machine. But I so need too!

      Thank you! I definitely obtain ideas, patterns, and fabric fast than I can sew. If only I had a few extra hours in the day! 😉

    This is the perfect dress for every body. AND I already have the patterns. Be sure you go over to Made for Mermaids and register your sew with the 25k giveaway!

      Thank you Tibeca! I really hope you make your own mash-up soon. I’d love to see it!

      You should make one soon! It really is a must have. I’m sorry I did not get around to replacing my previous wrap dress sooner.

    This dress is gorgeous and looks so cozy! I hope he makes a date night soon 😉

    You look wonderful Rox. Movie theaters are always a dilemma for me, I want to look nice but can’t stand the thought of my bare legs touching the seats. I usually default to jeans but am so glad that my wardrobe has expanded to offer more options.

      Thank you Melissa. I don’t want my legs touching the seat either. Usually I at least have a cardigan with me but then do I protect my legs from mystery seat while being slightly cold? Or do I suck it up and touch the mystery seats and stay warm? They need to have some sort of seat covers like they do for toilets. 😉

      Thank you Stephanie! I can’t wait for it to warm up so I can wear the dress more frequently.

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