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Watcha Wearin January: Seasonal Fashion & Fighting Off Hypothermia

Hello again and welcome to my week two post of Watcha Wearin’s January.  When I started putting imagining what the ideal self-made wardrobe would look like it was heavy on flexible basics that could work across seasons with only a smattering of pieces that would work for only a few months out of the year. The Drop Top & Dress by Made It will be one of the few seasonal staples that I’m including in v 1.0 of my capsule wardrobe and will probably continue to add in years to come.

Before reading more of my post don’t forget that there are a ton of AWESOME bloggers participating and even prizes involved with the tour. All the information is at the end of my post! Woo hoo!

I’m sure I can easily modify this pattern to have short sleeves for the warmer months, or to make layering easier, but multiple elements to this pattern just gives it a cold weather vibe to me. I prefer the dress at a sassy mini length, which is not something that would work out for day wear without a pair of thick winter leggings underneath. That is definitely a length that I would dare legging-less outside of a date night! The “drop” also drapes beautifully when made in a lightweight sweater knit.

Outside of sweaters and coats, I’m not really a huge fan of long sleeves. I love the flexibility of a tank or a short sleeve shirt layered with a cardigan. Since I tend to feel disproportionately cold, rarely do I feel like long sleeves on a shirt is a enough to keep me warm. If I start trying to layer them then I have to wrestle the into the outer most sleeve and that drives me crazy! The Drop Dress & Top is one of those exceptions for me. It just looks right.

Originally I had plans to photograph the next piece I’ll be talking about in the snow but it rained overnight melting the snow, revealing my dead soggy lawn. I just wanted to mention that…

Now that I am perpetually cold, I have a couple of “winter” projects planned for the next few weeks in order to help combat this feeling. I’ve held onto the read-to-wear coat from Old Navy, pictured above, desperately for the past two winter seasons despite it being a total hot mess on me. I have this fantasy that one day I’ll own a coat that possesses the spirit of those Saturday mornings when it was too cold to get out of bed, but you have to anyways, so you stalk around the house wrapped in a blanket angry at the cold. That fantasy coat will not look like I’m wearing a Snuggie… or a bathrobe… or like I’ve just given up.

Unfortunately despite this coat looking pretty sweet on the model (ha!) when, it does not look so great on me. This wool wrap coat is cut like a block and I’m not shaped in a way that benefits straight cuts. I have a generous booty and lower hips with not so much generosity up on top. When buying the coat I had to aim for a middle ground with the sizing. My hips needed the XL, my bust required the M (huh, what?), and I ended up buying a L hoping to strike some sort of middle ground. Instead of being some sort of happy medium, the coat fits too tightly in the hips and too loosely in the busy and shoulders. The coat is a friendly reminder in why I really need to sew more for myself.

My first attempt at self-made version will be using the Martha Jacket by First Lounge Berlin. The coat has the same easy-fit but the circular shape to the pieces I think will flatter my body more. I’m torn if I’ll do the collar option to completely mimic the inspiration coat or the hooded version.


This upcoming coat project is also part of the Deep Stash Challenge I’ll be sewing along with between now and April. A lot of the projects will be posted on my Instagram account as I make them and a big round-up post will be made in April when I complete all the pieces. The goal for the challenge is a combination of 8 pieces from patterns you owned prior to January 2017. It is also suggested to use stash fabric as much as possible but that is not a requirement. I selected patterns based on how much I’m kicking myself for not sewing one, or in the case of the Zippy Top, not following through after two failed muslins. Ahem.

If you are curious, the other patterns I picked are:

Oslo – Seamwork
Paige Tank – Loulou James
Sabrina Slims – Love Notions
Washi Dress – Made By Rae
Zippy Top – See Kate Sew
Pirate Pencil Skirt – Patterns For Pirates
Brassie Joggers – Greenstyle
Martha Jacket – First Lounge Berlin

I have a couple yards of this vintage wool marked for the Martha Jacket. The only hitch is the fact that this wool has been in various forms of storage for years and has taken on something of a “I’ve been stored for EONS” odor and while I’m optimistic I can do something about it, I won’t pretend the whole thing is guaranteed. The Martha Jacket is cut higher than the inspiration jacket and I might make a second longer version out of a more neutral fabric. I do think I might prefer a trench pattern with more shaping though, for a long coat.

I also think New Horizon’s Harbor Hoodie would be great for a knit version of a similar vibe to my inspiration coat and the Martha Jacket I will be working on. It has a similar vibe to the inspiration piece. I figure if I wanted to push for a shawl neck instead of a hood and a belt, neither would too hard of a hack. I also have this killer navy blue cabled knit (bottom right in the photo above). It has a good amount of stretch but is super thick like a heavy sweater or a medium weight coat. I think it was made for such a project!

The Drop Dress & Top is a good example of what a little bit of shaping to piece can do for me. Not just in the pattern itself but choosing fabric with good drape can also no a lot for something that might otherwise look like a sack on me. I probably would never dare making something like the Drop Dress & Top in a heavy knit. The generous shape to the bottom portion of the design gives plenty of room for my hips, which measure slightly outside the maximum recommendation for the pattern. The inspiration coat fails on me due to not just the straight lines of the coat but also the super heavy wool with which it was made. My failed Zippy muslins where made too long and in too heavy of a material for it to ever have worked with the blocky shape on my curvy body. Hopefully I’ll get it right this time!

Patterns used in this post:
Drop Dress & Top by Made IT


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There are a ton of fabulous giveaways as part of the tour. One lucky participant of the linky party will receive a prize package generously offered by the tour sponsors. You can enter your #watchawearinjanuary outfit at Sewing By Ti. Even more prizes will be given to the winner(s) of the easy-peasy rafflecopter giveaway below.

The awesome Rafflecopter prize pack consists of:
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Rafflecopter Giveaway
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    I’m also doing the Deep Stash Challenge but keep changing my mind, LOL

    As for your inspiration jacket, you might like the New Horizons Harbor Hoodie. Its a very comfy fit and works great in poly fleece (which means you can use it to stay VERY warm). I just love mine.

      I had to stop looking through my patterns once I found 8 I was comfortable using, otherwise I would be changing my mind daily. The Harbor Hoodie is definitely on my “I have to make this!” list for the season.

    So pleased you’re getting a lot of wear out of your Drop. It’s lovely to hear that you consider it a seasonal staple. It looks great on you, casual with a ‘drop’ of elegance.

    Looking forward to seeing your next one.

      I’ll be making it very soon. I just need to figure out what I want to use for the lining. 😉

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