Watcha Wearin January: My Wishlist

The month of January is just flying by and it is already time for my week 3 Watcha Wearin’ January post. I’ve definitely made good progress with more sewing for myself over the past few months but I’m still working out the details on what sort of pieces work best for my personality and daily wear. Don’t forget to enter the giveaways at the bottom of this post!

I definitely need more basics in my wardrobe like this upcycled Star Wars tee I made last week using the Pattern for Pirates Henley as the base. I’ve since sewn two raglans and have a few more shirts in progress but more on that next week!

Another hole in my wardrobe currently is the lack of cardigans for layering. Pictured is the in-progress shot of one of two that I made this week. I’m a huge fan of cardigans and I used to own more than my share but I did a big purge awhile back. I got rid of everything that did not completely make me happy. It might of been the color, the fit, or some other reason.

I purchased a ton of fabric at late last year and I’ve been slowly working my way through my stash. If I have anything on the fabric needs front, I could use more solids. Or just more fabric! I like fabric…

For the rest of this month and into February, I  will be making myself more shirts and cardigans, I’ll also be working in pieces from the Project #SewMyStyle challenge and the 8 pieces I selected for the Deep Stash Challenge.

In summary my current (and pretty boring) fashion wish list consists of: shirts, cardigans, and to keep up with two sewing challenges while insuring the projects suit my blossoming wardrobe. I also need more fabric! Next week I’ll wrap up both the me-made items I’ve worn this month and all the new things I’ve also made for myself.


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There are a ton of fabulous giveaways as part of the tour. One lucky participant of the linky party will receive a prize package generously offered by the tour sponsors. You can enter your #watchawearinjanuary outfit at Sewing By Ti. Even more prizes will be given to the winner(s) of the easy-peasy rafflecopter giveaway below.

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Rafflecopter Giveaway
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    A million times over, I NEEEEEEEEED that Star Wars shirt. I need to go look for some graphic tees at the local thrift stores. There’s bound to be a SW one, right? Fingers crossed.

      For the sake of craftiness I hope you can track on down but I do wonder what kind of person would get rid a STAR WARS t-shirt?! I’d argue that is an offense worthy of the Jedi equivalent of excommunication. 😉

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