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Watcha Wearin January: Starting 2017 In Style

Hello again! This my friends, is what I wore yesterday. Or at least what I wore on 1/5/17 if you stumble upon this post on any day other than 1/6/17. Patterns For Pirates Boundless and the hacked Love Notions Samson Sweater that I made for Mr. Rox but often steal for myself because I’m a #slowist and still have not made myself warm cardigans to wear. Winter is HERE but more on that next week. You can probably see that I’ve yet to hem this dress. Not that I don’t want to but this Boundless along with the other three I made during the same time period have been in such frequent rotation,  they just never seem available for hemming.

Before I continue on, I just want to point out that there are some fabulous other bloggers and prizes involved in the Watchin Wearin’ January tour and all that is at the bottom of my post.

Simple knit dresses will be at the heart of my “capsule wardrobe”. I hesitate a bit to call it that since I feel like I’m deviating slightly by aspiring to have a core set of pieces that work for MOST of the year and seasonal/occasion/trend boosters to mix in every few months. It was a real game changer for me when I finally realized that half my struggle with putting together strictly seasonal capsules is that I find it hard to define what I’ll be wearing during most of the year. The way I see it, I can be pretty sure that January/February tends to be so cold that I’m close to giving up on fashion and want nothing more than to go EVERYWHERE wrapped in as many blankets as humanly possible. During July/August it tends to be so hot (and humid, boo!) that I always regret not being a nudist.  That means I’m left with 8 months of; it could be cold, it could be hot, it could be something in-between, but pretty much the solution to that is layers.

Wearing a knit dress like the Boundless is so versatile! Leggings (or even jeans) with a cardigan  is perfect for cold days and I can get rid of all the extras once it gets warm out. For a long time, I did not have a very friendly relationship with knit dresses. In ready-to-wear I often struggled finding ones that walked the line between fitting me on top but having enough room in the bottom for my lower hips. Often the fabric was so stiff that the skirt would just balloon out in a “No, I’m not pregnant, my dress just sucks.” way.

The key to me-made knit dress happiness is to make sure that at the very least the skirt fabric is lightweight with EXCELLENT drape… and good underwear.

I used to roll my eyes at my mom when she would go off on a tangent about underwear but she was right, it does a lot for an outfit. I’m not even talking about shapewear or control-tops, I have mid-rise briefs that I wear whenever I’m wearing something clingy. Not particularly the sexiest choice but I don’t want to manufacture “flaws” where there was none to begin with.

I’ll end this with my dorkiest of faces! Thank you for stopping by. I’ll be back next week with another outfit I’m wearing in January and how I plan on not freezing to death during the blustery days ahead.

Patterns in this post:
Boundless Knit Dress – Patterns for Pirates
Samson Sweater – Love Notions (modified as described here)

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There are a ton of fabulous giveaways as part of the tour. One lucky participant of the linky party will receive a prize package generously offered by the tour sponsors. You can enter your #watchawearinjanuary outfit at Sewing By Ti. Even more prizes will be given to the winner(s) of the easy-peasy rafflecopter giveaway below.

The awesome Rafflecopter prize pack consists of:
2 patterns from 5 out of 4
2 patterns from A Sparkly Baby
1 pattern from Blank Slate
1 pattern from Closet Case Patterns
3 patterns from Create Kids Couture
2 patterns from Daydream Patterns
2 patterns from Duck Butt Designs
3 patterns from Everything Your Mama Made and More
1 pattern from Gracious Threads
1 pattern from Greenstyle Creations
1 pattern from Itch to Stitch
$20 store credit for Mummykins and me
2 patterns from New Horizons Designs
1 pattern from Laela Jeyne Patterns
1 pattern from Rad Patterns
3 patterns from Sew A Little Seam
2 patterns from Sew By Pattern Pieces
1 pattern from Street Style Patterns
1 pattern from Stitch Upon A Time
2 patterns from Winter Wear Designs
$100 store credit to Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Rafflecopter Giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway


    That pattern and fabric were made for each other. The colors are gorgeous and pop so well and POCKETS! All dresses need pockets. Even if just a place to put your hands when you’re holding up a wall. 😉 Love it. Can’t wait to see next week.

      Considering that my house was built in 1885, I sometimes feel like I NEED to hold up the walls. Ha! 😉

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