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Watcha Wearin January: Flying By The Seam of My Pants

Hello and welcome to my final post for the Watchin Wearin’ January tour. Participating has been great not just for my own sew-jo but I love looking through the January inspiration of all the other tour participants! Don’t forget to check who else is posting this week and enter the giveaways at the bottom of this post.

Despite the best intentions, in past years finding the motivation to sew for myself has been a struggle. While my current me-made wardrobe may not be the biggest, most complicated, or prolific – I’m just happy that I now have enough pieces that I can consider devoting a weekly post to self-made fashion. Over the month I’ve featured Pattern For Pirates Boundless Dress, Drop Dress & Top by Made It, Pattern for Pirates Women’s Henley, and this week I have the Cocoon Cardigan and Slim Fit Raglan both by Patterns For Pirates as my official “What I wore this week” ensemble. Not only was I able to wear more self-made fashion this month but I also created several new pieces to add to my wardrobe.

I made myself a second Mama Joy by Made for Mermaids (the first can be seen here). This was the first M4M womens pattern I’ve sewn for myself and I’m pretty pleased that without modifications the fit on me is similar to Patterns for Pirates Boundless Dress. What makes the pattern different is the front pleats, separate pieces for the bodice, and pattern pieces for the skirt. While the sizing system follows the pattern set by XS-XXL type sizing, the size labels are the names of colors. I had printed multiple layers thinking I might want to blend out to a yellow for the hips and I sang “It’s not easy being green” the whole time in order to remind myself that I’m a “green”. My dislike of quirky sizing labels did not prevent me from buying two more womens M4M patterns this month!

The fabric I used is this really awesome gray sweater knit with an ivory lace overlay that I bought from CaliFabrics. Despite looking like spent forever fiddling with a lace overlay, the lace is conveniently ATTACHED to the sweater knit. Amazing, right?

I also whipped up two Patterns for Pirates Cocoon Cardigans. The cat print is a sweatshirt fleece from InfinityFabrics on Etsy. It does not have any stretch but the design is roomy enough where I thought I could get away with it. While I was a terrible sewist and I did not muslin the fabric change. I decided to go for it based on:

  1. Patterns for Pirates fits me pretty predictably so I had an easy time picturing how it would fit with the change
  2. My upper half arguably fits at the lower end of an XL

My only area for concern was the sleeves since that spot needs a certain fit to allow for comfortable movement. I basted the seams for a test fitting on the chance I’d want to assemble the cardigan with a smaller seam allowance in order to squeak out a little more room. I made my usual XL size and the cardigan fits great with a slim layer underneath without any changes to the seam allowance. My emergency plan was the re-cut the sleeves in one size bigger and add gussets to the dolman armscythes (do you call it that?). If you want to try this yourself I really recommend not following my lead and making a muslin first unless you are pretty confident about the possible fit. I’d definitely need to size up in the sleeve/arm area if I wanted to layer this cardigan over anything other than a think t-shirt or tank top.

My second Cocoon Cardigan was made using a plaid brushed jersey from StylishFabrics on Etsy. I got super frustrated over this project after wasting huge amounts of fabric fussy cutting only to overcompensate when I noticed my lines were a bit off. This lead to the plaid matching terribly and not enough fabric to re-make the whole thing. I want to at least swap out the sleeve for a solid, since that is the only area where the issue is glaringly obvious to my eyes, but the cardigan is so cozy it has been in constant rotation even with my big boo-boo.

I’m in desperate need of more basics which lead me to whipping up 3 Patterns for Pirates Slim Fit Raglans. The first one I made from an upcycled Nirvana shirt is not pictured because I completely forgot about it since it was out of site in the laundry. Bad sewing blogger.

I made an XL and graded out to a XXL for the hips. The scoop is also widened. I test fitted the raglan/scoop using the bra I typically wear with t-shirts and in the photos I’m wearing my “fancy  bra” that has extra wide straps that wanted to play hide and seek. I’m on the fence if I want to re-think the scoop to work with ALL of my bras or just go with the version I have now that works perfectly with my t-shirt bra.

Both the main body fabrics I used are from UrbanRagTrader on Etsy. The sleeves both use scraps I’ve long forgotten the origins of.

Another Patterns for Pirates pattern! I made this Women’s Henley from a upcycled Star Wars shirt to wear to see Rogue One. Since this pattern had a bit of a looser fit over the raglan and the original t-shirt had loads of good stretch, I made a straight XL rather than grading from an XL to a XXL.

Finally, we have my first completed project for the Deep Stash Sew-Along, the Patterns for Pirates Pencil Skirt. I made two since I was really excited about FINALLY sewing the pattern. The “official” completed skirt for the challenge is vertical stripe version since I envision my 8 pieces for the challenge to work like a mini-capsule. When I made the first skirt, the vertical stripe, I started with an XL waist band and XXL skirt pieces. After assembling the main body I put the skirt on inside-out and adjusted the curve to be a smoother transition from my widest part to my waist. Starly (of Sew Starly) had the great idea that I should use the changes I made to the skirt to adjust the pattern pieces. I did that and cut the red skirt using the “new” pattern pieces.

I went for the “mini” cut line since I don’t plan on wearing these for playdates or without some sort of opaque leg cover! The vertical stripe is a ponte from StylishFabrics and the gorgeous red print is a ponte from CaliFabrics.

I’m really glad I had the opportunity to be a part of this tour AND I finally had enough self-made pieces to feel like this was a doable experience. January was a pretty productive sewing month for me and I even still have a few days remaining. I’m current finishing up the first Project #sewmystyle pattern and will be posting my version of the Sew House Seven’s Toaster Sweater 2 on my Instagram this weekend.

Patterns used in this post:
Patterns for Pirates Pencil Skirt
Patterns for Pirates Women’s Henley
Patterns for Pirates Slim Fit Raglan
Patterns for Pirates Cocoon Cardigan
Made for Mermaids Mama Joy

My current Size:
41 (full bust) 35 (waist) 47 (lower hip) / 5′ 8″

Sizes made:
XL with some grading to XXL


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There are a ton of fabulous giveaways as part of the tour. One lucky participant of the linky party will receive a prize package generously offered by the tour sponsors. You can enter your #watchawearinjanuary outfit at Sewing By Ti. Even more prizes will be given to the winner(s) of the easy-peasy rafflecopter giveaway below.

The awesome Rafflecopter prize pack consists of:
2 patterns from 5 out of 4
2 patterns from A Sparkly Baby
1 pattern from Blank Slate
1 pattern from Closet Case Patterns
3 patterns from Create Kids Couture
2 patterns from Daydream Patterns
2 patterns from Duck Butt Designs
3 patterns from Everything Your Mama Made and More
1 pattern from Gracious Threads
1 pattern from Greenstyle Creations
1 pattern from Itch to Stitch
$20 store credit for Mummykins and me
2 patterns from New Horizons Designs
1 pattern from Laela Jeyne Patterns
1 pattern from Rad Patterns
3 patterns from Sew A Little Seam
2 patterns from Sew By Pattern Pieces
1 pattern from Street Style Patterns
1 pattern from Stitch Upon A Time
2 patterns from Winter Wear Designs
$100 store credit to Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Rafflecopter Giveaway
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    I’m loving all these makes just for you! I’m a big fan of all the patterns you used and now need to fill my own closet with them! Thanks for all the inspiration.

    There is so much good stuff in this post, it is hard to pick a favorite. I need to look into that sweater knit with lace over lay though. Talk about a time saver!

      It was a huge time saver! I’d love to come across more in different colors.

    A million times over, I love everything you’ve made for yourself! The pencil skirts are HOT on you, lady! And my favorite, hands down, is the lace Mama Joy. Holy crap I need that fabric in my life.

      Thank lace overlay fabric is AMAZING. I need to find more in other colors. I also need to figure out what to make with the 3/4 yard I have leftover.

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