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Sundy Lately #109: Writing, Quitting, Fixing, Celebrating, Updating

I’m back with another week of Sunday Lately writing prompts. Hosted by the Blogger Tribe, the writing prompts gives me the chance to mull over events of week and writing inspiration to share with you various tidbits. What has Rox been up to this week?


I bought myself a Panda Planner a few weeks back (does January 15th count?). It has been FOREVER since I used any sort of paper planner. Hopefully this will improve my productivity over the year.



I halfheartedly wanted to clean up my eating habits this week but I’m going to wait until I have a solid exercise plan. I’m better about exercise when I have a  goal that I can get excited about and I’m better about following an eating plan when I’m going to all the trouble to be rocking my exercise goal. Salty carbs and I are best pals, I need all sorts motivation in order to semi-quit it.

In a semi-related note.  With all the shocking twist and turns Game of Thrones has taken, nothing had me flying off the couch and yelling at the tv more than Randyll Tarly’s anti-bread stance. What did the bread do to you? Sam can have all the delicious wood-fired (presumably?) dinner rolls (mmm!) that he wants! Dammit! Randyll Tarly is all sorts of vile. That bread looked amazing. :*(


A photo posted by Roxanne Kennedy (@pensebrox) on

A photo posted by Roxanne Kennedy (@pensebrox) on

A photo posted by Roxanne Kennedy (@pensebrox) on


I completed work on the $5 and some change lace oxfords I bought on Amazon last week. There was a small mishap involving glue streaks, left over from the manufacturing process, dying a different shade over the rest of the shoe. For DIY dying crafty mishap resolution reference: Nail polish with acetone did a good job fading the marks while not affecting the overall dye job. The marks will still noticeable but they were no longer immediately obvious. Pure acetone completely remove the marks while slightly fading the dye as well. I carefully applied the acetone to try to keep it on the lace layer. After I removed the glue marks, I got all artsy-fartsy and applied  the acetone to other parts of the lace in order to keep any light/dark sections purposeful.


I finished my first project for the Project #sewmystyle sewing challenge. Woohoo!


I’m still tweaking the blog in order to complete the transition from PenSebRox to Crafty Like A Rox, so be sure to let me know if something is missing. I’m pretty sure I got all the big stuff moved. Right now the plan is to keep all the social media accounts as pensebrox but I think Crafty Like A Rox works better for a blog.


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      I need to figure out what recipe I used for the bread in the photo. It was the best bread I’ve ever managed to make.

    SEND ME THOSE SHOES RIGHT NOW. I’ve yet to play with dye but everyone seems to do so well with it. I feel like I’m just going to make a giant mess.

      I probably look like some sort of crazy with the number of solvents I have stashed away for clean up and crafty projects. I’m a HUGE mess maker and I’ve found just about anything will clean up with the right technique.

      With that said, I probably missed a few purple spots on the kitchen floor since the wood color is so dark in there. 😉

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