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Sunday Lately #108: Searching, Relying, Addressing, Praising, Singing

I’m back with another Sunday Lately. Started by the Blogger Tribe, the Sunday Lately prompts gives me an opportunity to reflect on the past week and share with you random tidbits. That could be interesting or not. Hopefully more interesting than not!


The bad: I blew hours searching a nationally known fabric chain *cough*Joanns*cough* for fabric suitable for one of three projects. Of course I left empty-handed while muttering my usual “Why did I burn 50 minutes in a car coming here?  I’m going to have to order online anyways and beg fabric suppliers to ship asap. I could have done that in my underwear!” Did I mention that the 50 minutes is just one way? Joanns yet again robbed me of at least 160 minutes of my life.

I’ll put out there I’m writing all that with a degree of humor behind it. My reoccurring misadventures at Joanns is nothing more than a minor inconvenience and I recognize that. I have better things to truly be angry about.

I’m also pretty sure I’ll never get any sort of sponsorship from Joann because I don’t had my dislike for the place well.

Why did I bother? I have just about 2 1/2 yards of this lovely gray french terry that would be perfect for three projects. Sadly, there is not enough yardage for all three. I figured with THREE projects in mind, I must be able to find something that would have worked for at least ONE project. It would have been nice to have worked on two of the projects this upcoming week, I’m really no fan of the stress I experience while last-minute sewing, but now I’ll be stalking my emails for tracking information.

The good: I got the chance to wear my snazzy Doctor Who raglan outside the house. Yay!


Amazon Fresh is pretty damn awesome.  They bring groceries to my front door! Mr. Rox’s work schedule is currently all over the place and I can’t rely on him to always pick up things on his way home. This week has been a really big one for craziness. We have one car, live in an area with little to no public transportation depending on where you want to go, and the closest store I can walk to pretty much only sells liquor plus a small selection of candy.

Even though after some days a glass of wine and a chocolate bar sounds like a pretty good dinner, I do have to feed others. Getting fresh food at a price that is within the range of what I pay locally and way cheaper than planned meal services is a pretty great thing. I really hope Amazon continues to improve and expand the service along with continuing to keep the pricing competitive.


I was supposed to keep addressing the disaster that my Faceless Room (aka. my office/sewing area) has turned into but I came down with a stomach bug. Maybe next week?


I’m totally giving Bernie Sanders points for wearing that Burton parka to the inauguration. If I were attending a  fancy outdoor event where there is the possibility of being caught in a downpour, I would show up in outerwear that would keep me warm and dry. As much as I’m a big fan of things like style and fashion, I’m not really big on suffering for it.


I have never seen Suicide Squad but I really dig the Twenty One Pilots song “Heathens” from the movie soundtrack. I’ve been listening to a lot of soundtracks this week and this is one of the rare ones with singable lyrics.

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    I love Bernie Sanders. We don’t deserve him. And I’ve been using Walmart Grocery Pickup but I love Amazon and must try this! I have four crazy kids and a husband who works a lot as well so this would be even more convenient!

    Bernie is the man. Practicality is always better than style. Did you see the pictures of GW trying to put on a poncho? Haha. If he’d only chatted it up with Bernie first, he wouldn’t have had that hysterical debacle.

    And if it makes you feel any better, apparently JoAnns will never sponsor me either. I tried to sign up for an affiliate program so I could link their fabrics and get a commission for any sales….and they denied me. Turds. has me on their program though, so eat it JA!

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