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Sunday Lately #107: Thinking, Finding, Allowing, Insisting, Repeating

Another week has passed and I’m back with another Blogger Tribe hosted Sunday Lately inspired wrap-up of my week. How has your week been?


I’ve spent all week pondering a new me-sewing fabric order but I’ve yet to press the buy button. I have enough stash on hand to make quite a few things for myself but I don’t feel like I have enough to consistently make wearable muslins. Unless I know for a fact that there is no way an early muslin will work out, I can never find enough motivation for a project if the muslin won’t have the possibility to be wearable. I’m trying really hard to create a wardrobe with flexibility and I’m trying to keep statement (or not really coordinating) pieces to a minimum.


Mr. Rox opened up all sorts of trouble when he gifted me “chibi” Snape for Christmas. I keep making excuses to browse for more figure and I acquired Goku and Gohan this week. K-2SO is also on the way to me.


I tried “allowing” myself to sleep-in this week, which did not work at all. I kind of have this good/bad thing where my brain starts firing on all cylinders at 5am-ish and I pretty much have to get up at that point, or slowly go insane laying in. It is fine under normal circumstances but it becomes really annoying when I stayed up later, I’m coming down with something, PMS, the ninjas kept me up all night, etc.


FINALLY!!!! We (as in Mr. Rox and I) went to see Rogue One. Despite only going to the movies twice a year or so, sad I know. I actually REALLY like movies. Unfortunately we live about 50 minutes or so away from a theater and about the same distance from somebody willing to watch the kids. It usually take a lot of insistence (and persistence) on my behalf to make sure we don’t miss out on the really important films. I’ve seen every Star Wars movie with the exception of Episode IV, I was not born yet, in the theater and I’m not breaking that streak. No way!


I need a Silhouette Cameo 3 in my life. This is something I bring up 10 times every week. It was more obvious this week though as I was planning shirt projects for myself. After decades of computer use, video game playing, crafting, and my hands just don’t agree with exacto knife use anymore. Boo.

Sunday Lately with Blogger Tribe


    I totally feel you on the sleeping in! I’ve been off work due to our move for the last 2 weeks and this past week I spent catching up on sleep. But it’s back to work for me tomorrow!

    GO SEE ROGUE ONE!!! I am not a big movie-goer but I will spend the money and see it again. For real!

    I need a silhouette in my life as well. Boo. And that cut out looks pretty darn good!
    Rogue One was so amazingggggg 🙂 Glad you got to go!

      Maybe this will be our year for silhouette acquisitions! I’m really glad I got to see Rogue One. Besides being a pretty awesome movie, I also no longer have to hide in fear of spoilers. Ha!

    Okay, that cat fabric is awesome! I really want to deconstruct a Lularoe dress (I have six of the same knit dress) and see if I can make a pattern to just make my own for less $. It could be a fascinating project, but I haven’t sewn in a couple of years.

    I got a Silhouette, but I don’t use it as often as I should. I have a bad habit of getting into a crafty hobby and abandoning it.

      I totally recommend giving making your own version a shot. Then your fabric choices will be endless! I have this tank top I need to replicate in all the colors. It was cheap enough at Old Navy that I figured I’d just buy a few each season but they made the fabric thinner last year. Boo!

      I used to be really bad at taking up new crafty hobbies and then abandoning. Now I mostly sew and buy fabric faster than I could ever make anything with it. 😉

    ::goes and looks up K2SO bobblehead so she can order on in for herself::

    You’re a better woman than I, because I never muslin. I’m too lazy…and eager. I want to wear all the things I make and can’t handle having to work on it. Haha. If the first one isn’t perfect, I’m cool with it. I make adjustments on the second round. 🙂

      I feel pretty safe not doing a muslin for some patterns but with others I feel like I have to or seamstresses of days past will haunt me at night… or something…

    So jealous of your sewing and upcycling abilities! I tried once, failed horribly, and really never went back to try with anything else. Totally irrational, I know! And PS: way to keep the streak going! That’s some dedication!

      You should really give sewing a shot again someday! I have a box filled with failed sewing projects that I’ve convinced myself I might revisit one day but the memories of the epic fail are just too much. I’m sure it should just be upcycled into something else.

    I haven’t seen Rogue One yet, but I absolutely love your raglan. I did that with one of my husband’s shirts a couple of years ago. It’s been MIA though!

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