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Sunday Lately #106: Redoing, Making, Choosing, Concentrating, Appreciating

My Sunday Lately post for this week is a bit rushed. I had plans to finish up my post this morning during a long drive and then the WordPress app decided to hose my plan. Not just by not allowing me to post from my phone but it also ate the post I started last night. Here a recap of the past week!


I’ve been reorganizing my sewing area. The place has gotten out of hand and the three hours I had to devote to the project this week barely made a dent in it.


I spent a good chunk of my sewing time this week working on a project I can’t show you right now. The photos are adorable too! Boo!


I feel like most of this week was all about choosing getting stuff done over sleep. Oh how I miss you sleep!


I spent a lot of time prioritizing how I’ll move forward with some of sewing goals over the next few weeks. I signed up for two sew alongs and I want to keep something of a momentum going.


True story, I’ve known Mr. Rox for TWENTY-ONE years! That is more than half my life! He has always been a great guy and this week he has been a week filled with reminders why Mr. Rox is all sorts of awesome. I appreciate him more than words can express.
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