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Sunday Lately #105: Picking, Telling, Debating, Mixing, Humming

Sunday Lately with Blogger Tribe

Hello and Happy 2017! I wish all of you the best during this upcoming year! I’ve been off the radar for awhile but I’m back with a little revamp to my blog, in both design and NAME. I still have some re-organizing to do, so please excuse the dust (errant pixels?) while I finish up the transition.

This is my first Sunday Lately (created by the Blogger Tribe) in a long time and I’m looking forward to sharing more behind the scenes tidbits. Even if it is not directly related to being crafty, it has more influence on it than I even realize.


We decided to trade in our Subaru Forester for a Subaru Crosstrek. I was disappointed that “Tangerine” was a color that was exclusive to the hybrid version and is no longer in production. Boo hoo! The HYPER BLUE was a pretty good alternative though and the shade of blue is just as exciting as it sounds from the name. It was pretty easy to pick that color since it was the only vibrant hue in the line. I’m not a huge fan of subdued car colors, I blame the dreary winters we get around here!


I keep telling people how fun it was to make fabric from the kid’s artwork. It is definitely something we will do again.


It was a HUGE self-debate this week whether or not I was going to transition PenSeb&Rox completely to the new blog or try to juggle both. For simplicity sake I opted for keeping everything under the same umbrella, though the direction might be different now.


The kids made cupcakes earlier in the week! It was a fun winter break project.



    I absolutely LOVE those fabrics. What a great idea to create something from your kids’ artwork! I’d hoard the fabric though, so I’m glad you used it. I’m awful about getting something nice and not wanting to use it.

    LOVE the look of your blog! And I’ve said it a million times probably at this point, but I adore your fabric idea and am totally stealing it someday. Hopefully soon!

    The fabric with the kids artwork is so stinking cute!! I’m sure the kids think it’s super cool to wear what they’ve actually drawn. Congrats on the new vehicle! Tangerine is a really cool color, but Hyper Blue is awesome too.

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