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Love Notions Celebration – Samson Sweater Collar Hack

Love Notion's Samnson Sweater Collar Hack @ pensebrox.com
Hello there! I’m so happy to be part of the Love Notion Celebration Tour. I’ve had a couple of projects kicking around in the back of my mind for fall and this tour was a great opportunity to give a Samson Sweater hack a try. I’ve made the jacket view for Seb before and I thought with a few adjustments I thought the pattern would work for Mr. Rox. Yes, you heard right!
Love Notions so far (hint! hint!) has only made patterns for kids and women. Months (and months and months ago) I came across a post in the Love Notions Pattern Support group where the sewist had a tall and skinny teenage son that fit the higher end of the kids sizing with length added. That peaked my curiosity if the same thing would work for Mr. Rox. Who is also both tall and skinny. Lo and behold he was  close enough to the 14 in width that I filed the idea in my brain away for another day.
Recently, Mr. Rox requested that I make him some cardigans. I thought before rushing out to buy a new pattern I should try making the Samson Sweater for him, with a few changes.
The resulting cardigan is super cozy in two shades of French terry . It is also has been a hit with Mr. Rox. Which makes me feel good since this is the first sewing project I’ve ever completed with him in mind.
Besides adding to the pattern length, I “hacked” a pretty slick (if I do say so myself) looking collar  on the Samson Sweater.
There are all sorts of resources in book form and on the internet on how to draft a shawl collar. I’ll give you the run-down on how I did the collar hack for myself but I also really recommend seeking out other resources to supplement my instructions. I’m not going heavy into math or technical details. Call my instructions “quick and dirty”.

Love Notion's Samnson Sweater Collar Hack @ pensebrox.comThe hack also works great for the pattern in general and not just for a kids-sweater-for-a-skinny-adult-male project, so use it on sweaters for all ages! 😉

Love Notion's Samnson Sweater Collar Hack @ pensebrox.com

How to create the collar piece.


A. Trace the front piece of the Samson Sweater MINUS the seam allowance (3/8″ / 1 cm)
 B. Mark your “button line”. This will be where the top button will sit and can vary according to how much of an opening you want in the front when all buttons are buttoned. Higher up is less and lower is more. Not only did a place a dot representing my button line at the height I wanted it but also distanced from the edge of the front piece according to then placket width (minus seam allowance).


You can use the dimensions of the cut chart (minus seam allowance) to create a narrow placket like on the jacket view of the Samson Sweater or you can create a wider placket like I did. Just remember that if you do make your placket wider, then some width will need to be taken away from the front piece otherwise the front will become wider.


C. Draw a line down from B and over to connect the line to the front piece.
 D. Draw a line up from B, slightly angled before the neckline, past the shoulder. How far the line goes beyond the shoulder is half the width of the back neckline. If you are measuring the “cut on the fold” back piece for the Samson Sweater, then you use that number since it is already “halved” for you.
 E. Draw a line along the edge of your original front piece from the bottom and stop parallel to your button line.
 F. Starting at the end point of E draw a curved line up and beyond the shoulder edge using the same measurement as D for a guide. How much or big of a curve is really up to you.
 G. Draw a slight curve, following the angle of the shoulder line, connecting D and F together.

 H. Trace off the placket and add back seam allowance. You may want to add extra length to the bottom of the placket (the same as the height of the bottom band) to finish off the bottom of the cardigan. Like in the jacket view of the Samson Sweater.

Love Notion's Samnson Sweater Collar Hack @ pensebrox.com

Altering your front piece.

As you may have noticed, line D of the collar creates some sort of odd nubby bit (love my technical description?) on the front pattern piece. You’ll want to re-draw that section slightly removing the nub and creating a line similar to line D of the collar.


Sewing the collar.

Note: Since I was creating a cardigan, I did not use lining as per the jacket view of the Samson Sweater. My assembly instructions are for an unlined sweater.

  1. You’ll want to cut 4 total of the collar piece with 2 of the pieces cut mirrored. You may also want to add interfacing at this point to the button placket part of the collar.
  2.  To help line things up when you are adding the collar to the cardigan make a mark on the cut pieces where your button line dot is.
  3.  When assembling the collar you will sew the top line G first with right sides facing. Press seams.
  4. Then you will place your 2 collars on top of each other right sides facing and sew along the exterior edges (F and E). Press seams.
  5. Attach the collar to the cardigan much like how the binding is added to the jacket in the Samson Sweater instructions. You’ll want to match up the back seam of the collar with the back center and the button line markings on the collar and the front pieces.

Hopefully you have an idea on how to hack a collar onto your Samson Sweater. Now that I have a pattern that I love for Mr. Rox, you will be seeing more of these on my blog and Instagram soon. Thanks for stopping by!

Love Notions put together a really great group of bloggers for the tour. I highly recommend stopping by each tour stop. Also, be sure not to forget the guest bloggers participating each day on the Love Notions Blog. So much awesome has been created! 


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