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The Tale of 4 Project Mishaps


I think just about every sewing project has least a frustration or two. We are only human and I must not be the only one without a magical woodland creature army? Right?

The older I get, the more I believe my life is one giant misadventure. As frustrating as setbacks are, it is all about the journey. I get frustrated but I have to look at the humor of it all. In the name of keeping things real, I’ll tell you about a few of the hiccups while sewing my Pokémon inspired outfit for week 1 of Project Run and Play. You can vote for your favorite look until 8pm MT Thursday 9/15. This is an elimination style challenge so every vote counts!


1. The pants that never were.

See that really sweet navy star print denim? Those were going to be THE pants before Seb got wind of my plans and was adamant that no Trainer would EVER wear pants made of that denim. I said that the star print was pretty cool and he schooled me with a giant list of characters that he KNEW would never wear pants made from that fabric. Ever.

In his opinion the gray pinstripe denim, I grabbed just because in the same fabric order, was definitely fabric they would wear. I do really like how the pants ended up turning out but I also miss the potential of the navy star print denim.


2. I have kids.

If you have them too (or just know some), then I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain this one. Kids take you on all sorts of detours.


3. My coverstitch devoured not one, but TWO shirt sleeves.

I have a pretty  volatile relationship with my Brother Pacesetter 2340CV. Before I bought it, I read that it could be finicky and I’m willing to give it credit that it could just be me being a bit too heavy-handed. Sometimes though, I’m pretty convinced that I’m doing EXACTLY what I’m supposed to  and the machine is just broken.

Or possessed…

4. and then this happened…

I’m pretty excited about the outfit I’m creating for next week and hopefully I’ll make it to the second round so that one can compete as well. You can vote for your favorite look over at the Project Run and Play blog. I have to say that the competition is pretty stiff. So many great outfits!




    I hope you still make something with that denim! Seb sounds like Louis. If we are doing a character that he knows and loves, there is no room for deviation! The nerve of us Mommas, right?

      I definitely will use the denim in the near future. It is too gorgeous to ignore. I bought two yards of it, maybe I should just claim it for me! 😉

    So, good job persevering! Kids and scissors. My tape and scissors are forever disappearing and they seem to become little bits of paper all over the floor 🙂 Love how it all turned out though.

      Yes, tape too. I buy big packs of rolls just because I need them. Thank you, I’m really glad the look came together as I pictured in my head and my son loves it too!

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