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All about the Pokemon Trainer Jacket designed for Project Run & Play!


Week 1 of Project Run & Play is a go! I’m very happy to say that I am one of the contests in this round. I have not seen the other looks yet as of writing this post but I’m sure socks will definitely be knocked off.  You can vote for your favorite Pokémon inspired look until Thursday 9/15 at 8pm MT. My entry for Week 1 includes the self-drafted jacket I’ll be talking about it in this post!


Like I said in my Week 1 entry description, the PenSebRox household is 100% Pokémon enthusiasts and I thought creating a Trainer inspired look would suit Seb perfectly. Through playing the games and watching the anime, I’ve gotten the impression that besides the general athletic and street style influence to the clothing, (major) Trainers often have a defining element in their look.


That element often features a stylized Pokéball. I shredded my brain trying to come up with an idea for Seb’s key piece and then it hit me early one Saturday morning while waiting for my coffee to brew. YES! The idea came pre-coffee! Shocking, I know.


That (pretty bad) sketch you see above is the rough design for Seb’s Trainer jacket that I drew while waiting for my coffee.


Besides the defining element of the stylized Pokéball, I also wanted that the jacket would have all the features of comfortable, yet stylish, athletic tinged street wear. Raglan sleeves for movement, a funnel neck to keep out the chill, pockets, and made from sport fabrics such as scuba and closed sports mesh. I’ll now talk about a bit about my experiences self-drafting the jacket. If you are curious about the rest of the outfit, you can read my entry post over here.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might of saw the post I made when I started this project. Step 1 was to temporarily expand my sewing area before doing any drafting.


With my idea on paper, I started with a basic bodice sloper. Since I needed to change the sleeve structure to raglan and add other needed jacket features, I heavily referenced the books above when creating my pattern pieces.


I don’t own fancy cad software so I did my drafting by hand. My “good” pieces I laminated which kept them from getting destroyed during multiple tracings. It also allowed me to make notes/adjustments on the pattern that could be easily wiped away. This worked great for testing minor changes but any major changes I felt better starting fresh. It wasted a bit of laminate but at least I did not risk Pen, the cat, or me, destroying my work.


Of course being able to make adjustments easily to the basic pieces was a big deal. As you can see from my first muslin, the arm scythe was much too low. I wanted freedom of movement, not a dolman!


Seb was a trooper about the multiple fittings except for when he thought I was wasting his time making him wear the same muslin. According to him it was a “trick” but I had just used a similar color scheme for this version. Whoops.


Of course with 5 year-olds being well… 5… I learned my lesson and made sure subsequent muslins where different looking.


I also took close to a billion (really!) fit pictures so I would not have to harass Seb too much for help.


After all the time I spent creating the jacket design, it felt really good when it started to look like my vision! It also made me increasingly paranoid that I’d royally mess something up. Lucky for me, all the adventures with the seam ripper were tedious but minor.




Thank you so much for taking time to read about my adventures creating Seb’s Trainer jacket. You can check out more of the outfit over at the official Project Run & Play contestant post. You can help out myself or another competitor by voting for your favorite Pokémon inspired look until Thursday 9/15 at 8pm MT.



Tomorrow I’ll be back with a post about some of my sewing mishaps while creating this project. “Tricking” Seb was not my only one!


    That’s it, you’re officially my hero. The jacket is perfect. Seb is my favorite male model and I love that he was heckling you during fittings. Haha.

      Thank you Jess! I don’t know how designers like you do it all the time. Creating a pattern is such an involved process!

    Your jacket turned out fab! I love seeing the process as some people don’t know how tedious it can be. But how exciting when the finished piece turns out so well!

      Thank you! It is pretty exciting when a finished piece turns out well. I have all the respect for designers like you!

      Thank you so much! I’m sure my son will keep it filled with all sorts of things he finds on his adventures.

    I looooove those pants. So well done! And I’m giving you so many Kudos for drafting your own jacket. Drafting takes time and you still got done in time…GO YOU!

      Thank you Crystal! I’m just lucky there was two weeks before the official start to prep, source fabric, and make plans. Otherwise I would of been stuck! 😉

    I’m super impressed by your jacket. You definitely are giving him style with comfort, well done! I love the pocket too! Good luck!

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