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More about the Autumn Explorer look design for Project Run & Play.


It is Week 2 of Project Run & Play. This time the challenge is “I’m an Autumn”. I’m so excited to be bringing you my second look as a compeitor. I thank you for your kind words and votes during the first challenge. Your votes are a big part of this compeition and helps myself (or another participating designer) make it to the next round! You can vote for your favorite autumn themed look over at the PR&P blog until Thursday 9/22 at 8pm MT.


Seb looks mostly like Mr. Rox but with my hair color, blue eyes, and skin tone. I prefer autumn colors for myself which made me think the inspiration color palette would be a great match for him. It would be also a good match for the Victorian explorer meets a lumberjack at L.L. Bean look I was going for!


When selecting fabrics for Seb I often look for ones that would look good on me. Sometimes I go for more juvenile prints, since he is a kid after all, and sometimes I use a more mature fabric with a more youthful looking silhouette.


A good example is this modified Shwin Design’s Magil & Lil romper. The gorgeous tweed-like french terry is a beautiful fabric, if not a little mature. It works great though turned into a romper!



As mentioned in my PR&P post, the reverse of the romper features exposed stitching in a variegated thread on a brown french terry. This gave me the trouble of not being able to decide which side of the romper I like more!



Autumn is definitely flannel season to me. Which is why I had to work it somehow into the outfit. I thought a messenger style bag would be a great fit for the fabric and the outfit. A place for treasures found on nature walks!



Not that you can see much of the self-drafted Henley under the romper but it is a pretty cute shirt in its own right. The Henley is also finished off with vintage buttons from the stash that has been passed through my family for generations.


With all the autumn inspired textures going on in the right of the outfit, I kept the hat pretty simple and just drafted a simple beanie shape with a rolled brim. Taking advantage of the double sided french terry.



I’m currently working hard on the costume for Week 3. I have my fingers crossed that I will be able to compete with it in the next round. Either way, I can not wait to show you! You can vote your favorite autumn inspired look at the PR&P blog until Thursday 9/22 at 8pm MT. You can also read more about my look on the same post!


      Thank you Tami! The whole process was a lot of fun and I’m really happy that I managed to translate what I had going on in my head when I first started planning the look. 🙂

      They are very cozy! Poor Seb was such a trooper about it since it was not cold at all when we were taking pictures. 😉

    This was the most creative this week! It really caught my eye. That’s a compliment…not a way to get around one, LOL! I sorta wish I was as comfortable as he looks. If I wore this, Id look like Santa in his underoos. Your boy pulls it off wonderfully. Lucky kid! Great job and good luck <3

      Thank you (again) Crystal. I need a few rompers like that for myself this winter. I’d never worry about being cold in our draft old house ever again. Plus I’d be super comfortable. Yay!

    Your photos are ON POINT this week! Not that I’m surprised, they’re always great. But I just love your setup for this sweet lumberjack/LLB, gorgeous boy you have in them! Um. I can’t decide which side of the romper I like better either. So fun that they’re reversible. Everything is so, so amazing!

      I’m glad somebody else is experiencing the romper crisis of 2016. I’ll spend all Autumn pondering which side I like more! Thank you Katy as always. 🙂

    I love all the texture in your post! I especially love that henley.

    I am so inspired to get more creative with my son’s wardrobe after seeing this. And now I feel like I need some snow and a cup of hot cocoa, too!

      Thank you. I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future! The snow can stay away (haha) but I am definitely looking forward to the not-so-humid cooler days. Hopefully soon! 😛

    I love those dungerees and he wears them so well. I can understand why you are torn about which side you like better, both are super!

    First, your little guy has such an infectious smile! The fabric on that romper is amazing, and it looks so cozy! Great job!

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