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Sewing for boys! (plus a plea for votes)


Woohoo! I’m in the running for one of SIX competition spots for the upcoming season of Project Run and Play. I will be the first to say that there are some really fabulous ladies trying for a spot and I’ll be one lucky girl if I somehow made the final cut. Voting ends Thursday!



Creating the Link inspired look for CraftingCon was a ton of fun and I’ll continue to look for “excuses” to get my geek sewing on. Being a Project Run and Play competitor would such an excuse! 😉

Starman // All That Glitters - Project Run and Play //

Signature Style //

Though I’ve never officially been a part of Project Run and Play, you are encouraged to sew along, I’ve created looks inspired by competition prompts. Boy sewing was the perfect medium for the “All that glitters” and “Signature Style” themes.

Huginn and Muninn inspired costumes //

Even if I don’t make the final cut, I do hope to see some awesome BOY sewing projects. Sewing for boys rocks!


Don’t forget to vote: Voting ends this Thursday.

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