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Desert Island Sew Tour: Glass Onion Top by the Thousands


Hello and welcome to my stop on the Desert Island Sew blog tour. Just imagine you are stuck on a desert island with only one sewing pattern, what would that pattern be?

Mabel Madison Mondays // Glass Onion Top // April Showers // pensebrox.com

Is it any surprise to you that if I could only pick one pattern to sew on a desert island, I’d pick the Glass Onion Top by Shwin Designs? I’ve sewn many and will continue to use the pattern as a staple in Pen’s wardrobe.

Anytime At All Tee // Glass Onion // Kids Clothes Week // pensebrox.com

The pattern is pretty versatile. Heck, it is so versatile that I’ve yet to sew a version without some sort of mod. The penguin version had a full back, long sleeves, and was made with knit fabric.

Star Trek - Janice Rand inspired look for CraftingCon by PenSeb&Rox / rk-0903

I also did a similar modification when making the Star Trek inspired uniform dress to complete the Janice Rand inspired outfit.

Mabel Madison Mondays // Glass Onion Top // April Showers // pensebrox.com

I even wrote a bit about my experiences modifying the back while using woven fabric for a simple pull-over dress.

The pull-over version worked well enough that it has become a warm weather staple to use up all the amazing woven prints I’ve come across. I always have trouble using up my wovens!

Even without finding myself stranded on a desert island with ONE sewing pattern, I’m sure the Glass Onion Top will continue to be an often used pattern by me.


Sew 20 Desert Island Sew Tour

7/18/16 to 7/22/16


Use #desertislandsew on social media to play along!

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