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Pen’s Beach Look + Giveaway! (Thread Faction Tour)

Thread Faction SS 2016 // pensebrox.com

Summer is almost here and I’ve been off trying to create warm weather pieces for my long and lean daughter. I really liked the collection of modern basics Thread Faction has designed for the Spring/Summer 2016 season, so of course I jumped at the chance to try a few of the patterns when given the opportunity to join this tour. In this post I talk a bit about how I turned #103 and #104 into a tankini for Pen with a few size modifications and #108 was perfect to use at the basis for a summer dress/cover-up. All three pieces work perfectly together to create Pen’s beach look.

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway at the bottom of this post and follow the link to the BIG giveaway Thread Faction is hosting. I’m giving away a copy of #108, the dolman sleeve dress/peplum I used.

I was given the opportunity to try out patterns of my choice from the Thread Faction Studio Spring/Summer 2016 collection. All opinions in this post are my own.


Patterns #103 (tank) and #104 (shorties) I thought would be perfect as swimwear with a few minor modifications. Both the tank and shorties are slightly fitted pieces but since I wanted to use the patterns as swimwear, I needed to subtract more of the pattern ease to create enough negative ease suitable for swimwear.


The patterns in the Thread Faction Studio Collection Spring/Summer 2016 have the size range of 2-10. Each tutorial has instructions for blending sizes and adding length. Pen is a long lean thing so even though she fits the smallest size (2) for length, I needed to do some adjusting on my own to get the pattern down to a width suitable for Pen.


I based my numbers on Pen’s measurements minus 15%. From my research it seems like the general rule of thumb is that negative ease on a swimsuit needs negative ease in the 20-25% range depending on the stretch of the fabric you are using. I was a little conservative with the percentage I used since the style of the pieces I think would allow a little extra room and I’d prefer a little more ease when dressing a squirmy toddler.


I used a spandex/lycra blend for both parts of the tankini. The bottoms have a lining added by me but the I did not line the tank. I really love how the suit turned out and think that #103 and #104 work great as a swimsuit.


Like with #103 and #104, I had to modify the width of #108. The dolman sleeve dress has a full circle skirt and a peplum length option. With the easy fit of the dress, I thought it would be a great beach cover-up.


Since the tutorial mentioned leaving the jersey edges raw as an option, I felt inspired to make something influenced by the cutoff shirts I saw all over the beach as a kid.



I subtracted 2″ from the bodice length and left off the neckband to make the bodice a little more cutoff t-shirt feeling.  The edges are serged with the Maxilock Swirl thread color “Tie Dye Punch”. Starly got me horribly addicted to the thread. Don’t become an addict too! Or you can… if you want… the swirl thread is loads of fun. I just need ALL the colors now!


For the bodice I used a mid-weight cotton jersey and the skirt is a lighter weight cotton jersey. The circle skirt of the pattern works well with the drape of the material. On the neckline of the bodice, I used serged scraps as a “necklace” detail. The dress will be great as a cover-up and summer staple with its comfortable fit.



The three patterns I tried out from I enjoyed sewing the three patterns I tried out from Thread Faction Studio’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection are  computer drafted with clear tutorials, size chart, and relevant tips to make the projects come together easily. I did notice that printing the sizes as layers are not an option but since the patterns are do not contain a huge amount of pieces, I don’t see it as a big deal.

Thread Faction SS2016 Blog Tour

Thread Faction has given me the opportunity to give away one copy of #108, the dolman dress/peplum top that I used for Pen’s cover up. My giveaway runs until 12:00AM EST June 9, 2016 and is open to all countries where allowed. There is also giveaway over on the Thread Faction blog that ends in just a few days so be sure to quickly head over and enter that one as well. Of course don’t forget to enter my giveaway first!

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      It was so much fun coming up with a beach ensemble and I’m glad the weather worked out for a location shoot. Thank you!

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