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I’ve been a horrible Blogger Tribe member and this is my first Sunday Lately in several weeks. What I love about this group is that even when I’m not blogging much, keeping an eye on the share circle gives me all sorts of awesome things to read during the week when I found some downtime!

What has Roxanne been up to?

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Despite illness and scheduling setbacks over the past few weeks, I’m close to pushing “publish” on a second blog project. I also finished Pen’s birthday dress. Yay!


I started planning for a trip our family will take to visit my Dad and other family later this summer!


I’m on day 14 of the 21 Day Fix and while I don’t think the workouts are bad by any means, I just like more variety to keep myself interested. I’m looking forward to being able to follow different videos once I meet my goal (two rounds). I feel like I have a short attention span when it comes to exercise routines. 😉


Emails, loads of emails, all the emails.

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Since I’ve sewn many  summer things for Pen over the past two months, I feel like that project is coming to an end. I’m now looking at how I should plan my sewing schedule for the next few weeks.

Eh, maybe I’ll just keep sewing all the things for Pen. Making summer dresses is too much fun!!

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    21 Day Fix takes a lot of dedication! Good for you sticking to it, I’ve known people who don’t make it more than a few days. 🙂

    I get like a week into specific workout programs and then get tired of them. I know they’d probably be great for me if I stuck with them, but I’d rather be outside walking my 1/4 mile driveway, listening to music.

    Those dresses give me so many heart eyes. It’d be so dangerous if I had a little girl, because dresses are crazy fast and CUTE!!

      They are fast and finding cute fabric is even faster! Oh the trouble I could be in. I do appreciate the challenge of sewing for a boy though and I think my inner punk rocker thinks it feels a bit anti-establishment. Projects for Seb definitely have a special place in my heart!

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