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Introducing Sew 20


I’ve started a new sewing site! One part magazine, one part blog, and one part aggregator. Sew 20 is something I’ve developed the idea for since last summer. Right now the site is pretty new and pretty barren but in the weeks to follow I hope it proves itself as worthy of your interest.

What is Sew 20?
Sew 20 is a sewing resource for sewing enthusiasts in the year 2016 and beyond. Features include a weekly list of new pattern releases, community tours, articles, and highlights from around the web.

What about PenSeb&Rox?
My personal blog will continue as it always has, a low-key personal blog about my sewing projects and other sewing prompts that strike my fancy. Part the Sew 20 inspiration came from ideas I had started to develop for PenSeb&Rox.

Sad story incoming…

I started this blog because my mom died. That event left a huge void in my life in many ways, one of which was that I no longer had her just a phone call away to discuss my creative projects with. As much as I’ve wanted to put a bit of polish on this blog, part of me never could get on board because this space is something of my happy place. Everything that I wish I could tell my mom about my creative activities, which I’m sure she would really like hearing about.

Which all translated to the realization that I didn’t want this blog associated with deadlines, stress, and other things that can come with looking at this blog as anything other than just for fun.

That is the background story of Sew 20. I hope to do a lot more with the project in the future and will keep you updated!


    So sorry for your loss, but She gave you that extra strength to create this great idea and develop it.
    Go for it!

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