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#WANNABPHOTOG :: Mabel Madison’s Duds for Dudes


I’m big on sewing through my fabric stash this year (then I’ll have an excuse to buy more, right?) and the Duds for Dudes tour was a great opportunity to break out more of that awesome euro poplin from Mabel Madison that I had horded stashed away.



As you may recall, recently I kicked off Pen’s warm weather wardrobe with an “April showers” themed dress using an umbrella print Verhees poplin. Back when I grabbed that fabric I also got a yard of this snazzy Verhees camera print. I’m a vintage camera enthusiast (I collect working 35mm models) and channeled the Gollum while hording the fabric. Nobody steals the precious!


When the opportunity came for me to join the Mabel Madison Duds for Dudes tour, I knew it was time to finally use the fabric. The apple did not fall far from the tree and Seb has a blossoming interest in photography. Yay! I have all sorts of warm and fuzzy memories of taking photos with my Dad using a large format box camera, then developing the negatives in the bathroom.


Exhibit A




Seb totally deserved a pair of camera “pants”.


Since warm weather is sooo close I decided to make shorts and not pants. I used Momma Quail Patterns “Just Chillin’ Reversible Sweats” with no cuff and a few inches shaved off to make them a long shorts length. Since he is a skinny dude, I went for a 4 slim fit overall, 3 waist band, and added/subtracted length as needed. I also did not line the shorts since the poplin is a good weight for summer weather without it.


The pockets and waistband I trimmed with the mini dot Stenzo knit from Mabel Madison that they so generously gave me to go with the other coordinated fabrics that I had previously purchased. Some knits are full of fail when used in stress positions but a quality knit like Stenzo holds up well.



The mini dots I also used for the sleeves and details on the Recess Raglan by See Kate Sew (How many of these have I sewn now?!) I made to complete the look. I’ve never made the rolled sleeved option before and deviated a bit from the pattern by doubling up the cuff and slimming the tab. The cut of the pattern is pretty slim fitting so I made Seb solid 5.


2DSC_4732As you might of already guessed, of course the Stenzo chunky stars knit is also from Mabel Madison! Originally I planned on a solid knit for the main body buy noticed how beautifully the blue on the stars knit matched the blue touches on the poplin.  I was already determined to use the mini dot since it also matched dotted details on the cameras.



Despite all the prints used, I think the combination of color matching and pattern scale is what makes the look work.


Plus it helps if you have a spunky 5 year-old boy rocking the outfit!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m really glad I discovered Stenzo and Verhees fabrics via Mabel Madison. The quality is top notch and works great for kids clothes.


 Be sure to check out the posts from my fellow contributors for the Mabel Madison Duds for Dudes Tour today: Beri Bee Designs and FABulous Home Sewn.  You can also find all the other links on the Mabel Madison blog.


Thank you for checking out the duds I made for my dude. I’m currently working on a bunch of upcycles and finishing up a Steampunk-y tutorial that will be at CraftingCon next week. My Instagram is full of sneak peaks so be sure to follow!


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