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Tour of my sewing room.


On the weekend Jessica, of Gracious Threads, posted a challenge in her Facebook group. The goal was to cleanup your sewing space before Friday.


During my this round of re-organization, I dubbed the space the “Faceless Room” because I have difficultly describing what the room actually is. The room has no “face”.


It is centrally located in the house between the living room and kitchen. It’s technically the dining room. We eat at a small table in the kitchen and host few parties so the space has long functioned as my office/sewing room, a playroom for the kids, and something of an art gallery to display their creations.


There are definite plus sides to having a space right smack in the middle of main floor. It is very easy to spend 10 minutes here and there working on projects. The ability to work in small bits of time instead of trying to find large blocks is of great benefit to me. I’d probably never finish anything if I had to go upstairs to work. It is enough to override the negatives of sharing a space such as my desk becoming the dumping ground for every broken and homeless object. It also means that there is no bribing Mr. Rox to watch the kids for a few hours  on the weekends while I hide in my sewing room.


It also means that all the storage space is shared. Storage has always been something of an issue in this house. Our home is 135 years-old. No foolies! There is a closet that was added to the room during the 1950’s but it is just fitted into the pre-existing space like many of the other “modern” features added during the same time period. It is better than nothing but is something of a puzzle to get it to work the most efficiently .


I completely forgot to take decent “before” shots of the closet before I started to clear it out. It held toys, pantry items, and stuff left over from when we pretty much lived only the main floor while we renovated the second floor.


I decided the second rod was a good spot to stick my giant roll over tracing paper out of the reach of the kids. Who would love nothing more than to TP the house with it…


Spring cleaning has been going on around the house for several weeks now which was a big boost in getting this project done quickly. Mr. Rox had installed a cabinet on the enclosed porch off the kitchen a few weeks back. After, I moved some of my kitchen items that I needed often enough that they still needed to be nearby but not so often that they needed to be right in the kitchen. This space in the kitchen was just waiting for the pantry items.  Mr. Rox had also taken over a spare bedroom upstairs for his office so I felt no guilt in handing him a giant box of his stuff that was in the closet.


I’ve actually also been devoting an hour or two on Sunday each week to a personal cleaning project. Everything in the before photos might have looked like chaos but it was something of an organized chaos. My patterns and fabric were already mostly sorted, I just needed to move it all to new homes.



The “junk” drawer on my desk became the new home for patterns waiting for assembly or are in rotation.


This window gets strong light through it at certain parts of the day and the glare makes it hard for me to work in front of it. It used to be covered with a curtain but back in February I got the idea to swap it out with a “curtain” made with those over-the-door-shoe-racks.  Having that already setup was a big help in organizing the random odds and ends I have floating around.


I also made the discovery that my rulers had holes for hanging…

I’m sure some of you are rolling your eyes now and others are going “WAH?!” like I did.  I honestly hated my rulers for being so hard to store and I really wish I would have noticed the holes sooner!


Thanks to Starly altering me to  this cheap-ish plastic folding table with adjustable legs, I will no longer feel ancient after long hours hunched over the dining room table. It is by no means the best solution for a cutting table since it is pretty small (48×24 inches) but the size allows me to keep it easily stashed away since it will only be out when I have cutting to do. Since I’m sharing the space with the kids, they still need access to their drawing board.


The hutch is also still the best place to keep Seb’s Legos out of Pen’s reach and to store things like craft paper for the kids. Some of the other toys/games once stored there stacked out Pen’s reach were moved to the top shelf in the closet since we don’t need them daily. After my re-organization of the room I see that I definitely need more fabric in my life!


Thanks for taking a look at the “Faceless Room” and thank you to Jessica for giving me the extra motivation to finish one of many re-organization projects I’ve been working on.A tou

Do you have a devoted sewing room or are you squatting in a communal space like I am?


    You did a great job! I have just a tiny cubby in my kids play area. I may share my mess, but I dont know that I can have it fixed by the end of the month. Three days isn’t enough! I didn’t see this was going on until your post!

      Thank you! If it were not for me slowly working on re-organization prior to the challenge, I probably would of never been able to complete the project in a few days. Creative spaces seem like magnets for mess. 😉

    I have been in part of our living room, but we’re moving and now the entire basement will be for hobbies. My craft stuff, my husband’s music stuff, and just about all of Quinn’s toys will be there and I’m so excited for more room! And probably enough room for a real cutting table.

      Your future basement sounds great! I’d love to have a finished basement one day or at least a real cutting table. 😉

    Whoa! Your space is really well organized. I see the showy huge rooms in design books and I get dejected because there is no way I could expect to turn my tiny (really tiny) appropriated living room into something so extravagant. Your space looks so bright, welcoming and best of all DOABLE! Thanks for the tips. I’m going thrifting soon to pick up a clear vinyl organizer for my window.

      I love thrifting! A lot of the pieces in my space came from thrifty sources. The hutch and table (formerly my kitchen table) were from Craigslist, the metal filing cabinet I use and my desk were free from the neighbors. Best wishes on your space! 🙂

    Bless you for cleaning your space. I saw the challenge, thought “I really need to clean my room” and then straight up DID NOT. Haha. Whoops.

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