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Upcycled Kids Clothing


Hello to my regular visitors and those coming from the Earth Day Blog Hop organized by Ula from Lulu & Celeste. It seems fitting that I discuss some of the upcycled kids clothing I made so far during April This month I had two goals…

  1. Continue working on Pen’s handmade wardrobe.
  2. Start spring cleaning in the attic, which just so happens to hold my stash of clothing ripe for upcycling. It was either upcycle or donate!

I figured it was inevitable that I’d make upcycled kids clothing during April. It was a handy coincidence that New Horizons Designs (formerly Terra’s Treasures) is hosting an upcycling themed giveaway that runs from 4/1 – 4/25. This lead me to plan my upcycle projects based on the two New Horizons I already owned, Paris Tea Time Dress and the Streamline Tee. Plus I love any excuse to make upcycled kids clothing!

Note: I am in no way affiliated with New Horizons Designs and gain nothing from referring people to the giveaway. In fact, the more people I refer the less chance I have to win! Ha! Here is just a gal that wants a random chance to win a Silhouette. You should give the contest a shot too. 😉


One of the things I love about upcycling is the ability to reuse components that might otherwise be a time-consuming to make. I hacked the Paris Tea Time Dress pattern by combing the skirt with the bodice to create a single a-line front that allowed me to salvage the button placket from the dress-up skirt.


Again I combined the bodice with the skirt to salvage the pleats from the original blouse. This time I had to go for a tunic length since I did not have enough “fabric” for a longer dress. Sometimes you have to roll with what you have. I’ve shortened skirts, slimmed sleeves, used smaller gathers, and made all sorts of changes for the sake of necessity.


Not only does upcycling give new life to old clothing but sometimes the clothes hold a little deeper story. I thrifted this vintage skirt way back when I lived in Paris (France). I fell in love with the print but since the skirt was a combination of flaws and a weird size,  I felt it was never destined to never be worn as-is again. I knew one day I would find the PERFECT way to revive it. I let the fabric speak to me and it told me to hack the Paris Tea Time Dress. I took two inches off the bodice length, adjusted the skirt length accordingly, added 4″ to both skirt pieces for a slightly fuller shape, and changing the the straps to elastic in a casing.


I love (love, love, love) raglan sleeves and I thought the Streamline Tee would be great hacked into a few upcycled knit dresses for Pen. Adding a skirt to a t-shirt is a great way to upcycle both knit and wovens. Unfortunately I think this version came out much boxier than I imagined but it will still get use as a play dress . I’m still investigating the “why?”. Right before I started writing this post I actually just finished two more hacked Streamline Tees for Pen using the same pattern, a similar idea, and slimmed down a bit. I had no time to grab photos for this post though. Boohoo!





Of course, I can not resist sewing for Seb despite him having at least 3x the amount of clothing Pen does thanks to hand-me-downs from neighboors. I upcycled a variety of old knit shirts (and pants) into a series of Streamline Tees for him. I totally enamored with how well the design fits him without any fuss. Seriously, I’m totally retiring the copy of the Recess Raglan I have printed in Seb’s size.

Hopefully some of my recent upcycled makes have inspired you to make upcycled kids clothing for a kiddo in your life.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out the other participants on the tour. Be sure to follow me on Instagram if you would like to see a peek at the other two upcycled raglans I’ve made Pen. I’ll be taking photos at some point this week.

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    So inspirational woman! You make me want to go clean out all my closets. I love how you used the Paris skirt to make the Paris dress 😛 The strap mod is adorable!

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