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Sunday Lately: Week 60

Starman // All That Glitters - Project Run and Play //

Another busy week! I finished up my third Project Run and Play sew-a-long look for the “all that glitters” challenge and another look that will be up on the blog this week. I also posted a tutorial on how I quickly and attractively adjust waistbands.

This week’s themes are: Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Writing, Scheduling.

Last night, I just finished a look that will be up on the blog next week. I actually need to grab photos this morning! Another outfit for Seb, this one is a twofer. The idea originated for the Boys Can Wear Pink blog tour and just so happens to 150% fit the theme of “signature style” for the 4th and the last Project Run and Play sew-a-long.
I spent a lot of time “visiting” my pattern archives (aka. the Google Drive folder) this week for the sake of planning. I need to figure out a good way visually organize. I used to use secret Pinterest boards but that was a lot of work and I still thought it was hard to navigate.
When I have extra cash (like never) I need to order a box of my preferred SD card readers. I had to order another this week because the one I had disappeared into the ether. Or at least went to the secret nest where my one year-old is hiding all my missing stuff!
I wrote a lot of emails this week. No specific reason, I just had way more emails than usual to respond to.
Kids Clothes Week is coming up! Sounds kind of silly for me to be like “woohoo” when I’m pretty consistent about sewing kids projects but I like using this prompt rethink what I’m doing and create new plans. It has been a want of mine to sew a good chunk of Pen’s clothes and it is something I’ve not been that great at. I really want more of a success with it this year. She is a lot like her brother in shape and I’m all too familiar with the fitting issues that arise when dressing a lean toddler.
I’ve rethought my approach and have come up with a plan I’d like to try over the next few weeks. I’ll blog about it as I go along and if everything works out great, I’ll apply the same concept to my own wardrobe.
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    Haha is that marker on miss photobomb?? I am sooooo excited about the Boys wear pink tour!! I’m also excited about your KCW makes. I was going to take it easy but now I have too many ideas so I will probably make a few easy things =)

      It is actually hair chalk! When I was turned around trying to make part of Seb’s hair green, she climbed up to where I stuck the tray of chalks out of her reach, and tried applying it to her own hair. 🙂

    I basically always am in the need of a card reader. We either somehow kill them like crazy or lose them. I don’t understand how this is a constant problem of ours but it is.

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