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Sunday Lately: Week 59

Little Orphan Annie Inspired Look //

It has been a busy week over at the House of Rox. Lots of snow days gave me little spare time to finish several projects. This week I posted way more than usual on my blog. I finished a Little Orphan Annie inspired look for the Project Run and Play sew-a-long, sewed something for myself for the For The Love of Tunics & Dresses tour, created a Valentine’s Day shirt for Seb, and posted about the geeky wall hangings I made for our house. Phew! What a week!

Sunday Lately is a thematic weekly wrap up. You can view the link up over here.

This week’s themes: Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, and Being.

With all the sewing I did this week, it left my sewing area in the serious need of an updating. I just rearranged everything in December but the area could definitely use some tweaking. Not to mention cleaning…

February 14th is my blogiversary. This blog is now two years old!

I realized this week that I’m in need of more thick wool blend socks. Usually I wear sports socks around the house but my feet get pretty cold when I’m helping Seb on/off the bus.

I’ve worn my winter coat a lot this week. Winter is finally here. I’m not a fan of the cold at all but I kept hearing how bad the bugs would be this summer without one. Yuck!

I’m pretty satisfied that I finished all my crafty adventures this week. I tend to do a lot of dreaming but I’m not so efficient with the producing of those ideas. Of course I don’t expect this as the norm. It does feel good to experience the rare week where I get everything done.


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    Happy Blogiversary, PenseE+Brox!! Woot!
    I creeped through all of your blog posts from the week and they were all FAB. I need to go and take the time to comment on everything. Seriously you rocked it this week.

    Happy Blogiversary! Two years is an awesome accomplishment! Its always so disappointing how quickly your work space gets messed up again after spending tons of time getting it organized.

      Thank you! I agree, it is amazing how easily a work space becomes unorganized but of course takes forever to organize.

    I just loved your look for PRP!!! Sooooo cute! Happy anniversary on your blog! I think my 2nd year blogging was one of my biggest!!! Keep up the good work!

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