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Sunday Lately: Week 58


The kids loved seeing their first real snow of the season this week! February already seems to be flying by! So many things to do and so little time! Sunday Lately is a thematic weekly wrap up. You can view the link up over here.

This week’s themes: Creating, Finding, Switching, Forgetting, and Craving.

Ballet Inspired Look - Project Run and Play - Nothing but KNIT Challenge //

In all honesty I gave myself way much to do this week and it has been a struggle to keep up.  My big project earlier in the week involved finishing up a knitted tutu which was part of a ballet inspired look for the Project Run and Play sew-along. I wrote a tutorial for the jersey yarn I made specifically for the project.

Later in the week I found myself finishing up a dress for me that will be part of an upcoming tour, various versions of a new pattern that I am a tester for, and Seb’s Valentine’s Day shirt for this year.

Pen got her hands on a recent face care order I placed for myself before I got a chance to whisk it away to the spot in the bedroom where I store such things. Of course she distributed it all over the house. The day everything went missing the only information I could get out of Seb was that they had fun throwing my jars of moisturizer at each other. Yay?!

I found most of it on the first night but one jar remained vanished until I finally found it hiding Saturday afternoon.

Mr. Rox wanted to switch back to cable tv from our current status of not having any but I talked him out of it. Considering what a bunch of weirdos we are about tv watching, I really can not see it worth the cost to subscribe to a billion channels that we want nothing to do with.

I keep forgetting that my blogiversary is coming up soon and I want to do something special for it.  It should have been planned this week but I never got around to it. Gah!

Not that long ago I found a package mix for Red Lobster Cheddar Cheese Biscuits. If I could eat those biscuits for every meal I would. I did not make any this week since I did not cook anything that it went well with.

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    Your snow is beautiful! I still have a pack of those cheddar biscuits in the pantry. They are not paleo haha. Im going to save them because if I decide in the future to have a non paleo meal i want those to be part of it 😛

    The knitted skirt is my favorite this week. Please send the beautiful. fluffy white stuff to the South. Every other Southern would be mad at me for that one.

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