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Signature Style & Boys CAN Wear Pink


Hello and welcome to both visitors following along with Boys CAN Wear Pink and regular readers. Today is my turn on the Boys CAN Wear Pink Season 2 series and I’ll tell you the story of my signature style as inspired by the last week of this season of Project Run and Play. I already made a Bowie influenced “all that glitters” look for Seb last week and this week is infused with his own “signature style”.

There is a giveaway that is part of the Boys Can Wear Pink series. Loads of awesome prizes. Be sure to enter at the bottom of my post.

Boys can wear pink too!

Last year when I participated in Season 1 of Boys CAN Wear Pink I spoke a bit wanting to instill in Seb that clothing is fun, exciting, and stylish. Something I often feel is lost in male fashion. At least if you live in a rural part of America, like I do. Pink is just one of many colors in a pallet that should have no restrictions regardless of gender.

Right when Kelly announced she would be organizing a second round of Boys Can Wear Pink, I knew the outfit had to involve a Stenzo print called “All Dressed Up”.

Borrowed the image of "All Dressed Up" with permission from Mabel Madison.
Borrowed the image of “All Dressed Up” with permission from Mabel Madison.

That print is the sum of so many things Seb likes. Friendly animals (including his all time favorite the house cat), silly hats, bright colors, and flowers. To me, the print reads very gender neutral. I’m sure some will disagree but I’ve spent my entire life fascinated by aesthetics and consider myself as an expert on what goes on in my head. My head says “gender neutral”.   DSC_9317

I don’t really have a “signature style”. It is more of an “aesthetic philosophy” with me. One recent morning while laying in bed I did some mental math and realized that it had been about 20 years since I took my first photography class. Yes! TWENTY!

and I used 35mm FILM…

*cue dramatic music*


Over the years I’ve seen, experienced, and learned many things about photography. I’ve read books, taken many workshops, studied at a college level, and spent numerous hours discussing the nuances of the skill. I’m pretty much all about the “art”.


Not to say I never learned the technical aspects. In fact, half my drive to learn as much as possible about photography when I was younger, was so I could with a free conscious chuck the rule book out the window.


I’ll save you from my 20 page thesis on photographic technique but in short: I think of my work as aesthetically pleasing snapshots. A good blend of aesthetics and emotion. There is a reason why something like photography can be taught. Our eyes are naturally drawn to see appeal in certain arrangements. This arrangement can enhance the appeal or not depending on who is looking. That is the emotional aspect. That is why we all have family photos that are not the greatest looking photo from an aesthetic standpoint but something about the content brings an emotional response. It is also why we can look at a “beautiful” picture and feel nothing.


Sewing is a similar deal to me. I do enjoy and appreciate the skill of a quality project but I’m not always out there to emulate the best possible, whatever that might be. I get the warm and fuzzies thinking about watching my mom sew as a kid, she got a similar feeling thinking about watching her grandmother, and I hope my kids will look back at me sewing with the same fondness. There is nothing wrong with handmade being well… homemade. Homemade does not have to mean a total lack of quality or style.


My whole “aesthetic philosophy” is in the way I dress, how I like my house, my favorite movies, and many other aspects of who I am. A special blend of what looks good and makes me feel good. I’d like to think some of my general philosophy will rub off on Seb and already I see some of that in his choices. Like with this outfit.



I decided on the print and the gray as the basis. As I mentioned before, the print screams S-E-B to me. He picked out the orange and pink, then decided which fabric would be used where.


Honestly, I was not immediately sold on the orange but as I was putting everything together I realized the orange was a great idea. Yay Seb!


This look I definitely think has Seb’s “signature style” all over it and as he grows up I hope non-consequential ideas like certain colors or themes being only for a specific gender continues as irrelevant with him. There is no reason he can not appreciate style and beauty in all forms. Including wearing it.






Zane Joggers by Elliedactyl
Reid Hoodie by Elliedactyl

“All Dressed Up” French Terry Stenzo purchased at Mabel Madison

The gray heathered sweatshirt fleece I purchased in-store at Joann Fabrics. I could not find anything similar online.

Orange Sweatshirt Fleece purchased at Girl Charlee

The pink jersey and black ribbing are misc bits from who knows where.


If you made it this far, I’d like to thank you for staying with me. It was hard trying to come up with an explanation and have it be as brief as possible.


Now for the giveaway! Yay!

Kelly (of Handmade Boy) has rounded up a bunch of great sponsors for the Boys CAN Wear Pink Season 2 giveaway.


Prize package includes the following:
1 pattern of choice from Momma Quail Patterns
2 patterns of choice (excluding bundles) from Patterns for Pirates
3 digital designs of choice from Handmade Escapade
3 patterns of choice from Winter Wear Designs
Bartowski Slim Tie Pattern from Paraplu
$10 gift certificate from Mabel Madison

There will be one random winner. International entries welcome. Winner will be contacted via email and will have 48 hours to claim their prize before a new winner will be drawn at random.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



    ooooh that boy!! So much style . I love this outfit! I really like the orange with the pink. Its two colors you rarely see together but unexpectedly looks great! That print is fantastic!!

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