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Sci-Fi Geek Adventure Flags


One Thimble Issue 10 releases later this week. I’m not officially involved with the tour celebrating the release but I’m such a fan of the Adventure Flags by Stephanie of Swoodson Says that I wanted to do a little post about the versions I made as one of the pattern testers.



I tested the geometric wall hanging and added my text with permission from the designer. The Adventure Flags pattern comes with several images and text sayings, all with an outdoorsy theme. Perfect if you are not into graphic design or looking for quick project. Of course you can do like I did and make up something of your own! With several flag styles included with the pattern there are all sorts of things you can do.



With both versions that I made, I could not resist letting my Sci-Fi geek flag fly. Can you guess where the quotes are from?

Even Mr. Rox loved the resulting wall hangings and requested that I make a Game of Thrones one next. Unfortunately that project is on hold since we can not agree which house sigil we want flying in our home!

The Adventure Flags and many more awesome patterns will be available in One Thimble Issue 10 later this week.


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