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Ballet Inspired Look – PR&P Nothing but KNIT Challenge


Project Run & Play is back for another season! I love following along to see what the designers create each week. Plus viewing all the great submissions to the sew-alongs is definitely something else to look forward to. The theme this week “Nothing but knit” and I instantly got a notion in my head that it would be fun to take KNIT fabric, turn it into yarn, and then KNIT something with it to create new KNIT “fabric”. What?!


Wrap Top:Β  Ballet Sweater by Heidi & Finn
Leotard: Little Ballerina Leotard by Shwin Designs (free, one-size)
Tights: Abby’s Footed Tights by The Wolf and the Tree
Tutu: Self Designed
Ballet Slippers: Self Drafted

Pink Rainfall Verhees Knit is from Mabel Madison.

ITY Purple Stripe Spandex is from FabricsUniverse on Etsy.

Jersey (t-shirt) yarn I made myself. Tutorial is here.

The rest of the fabric came from scraps or unknown stash sources.


About the project…

The Project Run & Play themes announcement came along around the time I started working on some knitted skirt ideas for Pen . With the idea that I should knit part of the outfit already in my head, I thought the thick DIY jersey yarn could add a sculptural element to a skirt. When I think “sculpted” skirts, I think tutus.



As a kid, watching a ballet like Swan Lake and I was always completely awestruck by the seemingly gravity defying tutus. Sure, the dancing was pretty good too but the costumes always amazed me the most!


All the knits used in this project had a good amount of stretch and the slippers would have been a mess without the elastic casings. I’m really glad I thought of it early in the making of the slipper. I used a bit of flannel, the only non-knit material in the entire outfit, for the sole. I wanted wearability from this outfit and did not think anything else I had on hand was suitable for a sole.

Since this was version 1.0 of the slipper design for me, I did not know how well it would come out and did not bother shooting photos of the process for a tutorial. I can make a followup pair with a tutorial if you ask for it.


It was luck that Pen is a close enough size to the 24 months only FREE Little Ballerina Leotard pattern by Shwin Designs. The length of the pattern looked about right but Pen’s chest is a bit smaller than the 19 1/2″ that the pattern size. I remedied this quickly by being a little extra generous with sewing the seams. Since the spandex fabric I used had good stretch and recovery, I rather risk the leotard fitting a bit “small”.



The Ballet Sweater by Heidi & Finn came together quickly. So fast that I wondered why I have not sewn the pattern sooner! It is really cute as a layering piece and would be a great alternative to sweaters when extending the light of short sleeves shirts during cooler months. I left off the waist ties.Β  Pen is now training to become a stunt woman and I worried they would end up caught up on something possibly causing further injury. Oh the grey hairs she is giving me!


Finally, I’m yet again using Abby’s Footed Tights by The Wolf and the Tree. I really think this pattern, and the sock pattern, are great staples for any pdf pattern archive. The whole idea of making coordinating socks or tights for any outfit tickles me all sorts of shades of pink.




Now my little dancer has her first ballet inspired outfit. I’m sure this will be one of many because Pen loves to dance!

DIY Jersey (aka. t-shirt) yarn tutorial // pensebrox.com

If you have interest in making your own jersey yarn, I posted a tutorial a few days ago that explains how I did it.

I LOVED sewing a long with this week’s PR&P theme and I have another idea that I’d love to do for the Cosplay theme next week. Fingers crossed that I will find the time!

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      This is the first time I actually made it. I always plan for it but I never have enough hours in the day! πŸ™‚

    This is so epic! I just love the tutu and those slippers! The whole thing is super cute and ahhh those cute pigtails! Pen dancing around like a big girl is just too much!

    This ballet outfit is so cute! I love how you knitted the skirt out of jersey fabric, it adds a really nice texture to the ensemble. πŸ™‚

    That skirt! I die!!! This whole outfit is really amazing; so glad you joined in the fun.

    […] up.Β  My big project earlier in the week involved finishing up a knitted tutu which was part of a ballet inspired look for the Project Run and Play sew-along. I wrote a tutorial for the jersey yarn I made specifically […]

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