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TSNEM: Scrappy Rag Quilt For Pen

It took me long enough but I’ve finally finished the quilt I started planning for Pen almost two years ago! All thanks to the Try Something New Every Month challenge which gave me an extra kick in the pants to get over my fears of neatly assembling that many squares.  The suggested theme for January is quilting and I thought it would be silly to start a completely new project when I had two that had been UFOs for months on end.


I have to tip my hat to all you quilters out there. The whole process from selecting the fabric, to arranging the squares, and then making sure the squares  matched at the corners was a big adventure for me. I know I probably put together a really simple quilt! Assembling all those squares together was a big first for me.


Project: Pen’s Scrappy Rag Quilt
Tutorial used: No specific tutorial. I read several tutorials found via a Google search and then went out on my own.
Fabric: Quilting cotton purchased specifically for the project, vintage sheet/linen scraps, and other scraps I had around. If you really need to know a fabric I’ll probably be able to dig through my files for the name/source. Just leave me a comment.


Good News: I’m really glad I went to the trouble (migraine inducing…) of combining fabrics on my own. I did not set out to make an “I Spy” style quilt but Pen loves exploring all the different prints.

Bad News: I bought a pair of Fiskars rag quilting scissors and about 1/4 of the way into the cutting the fringe they decided to stop springing completely open. That made the scissors difficult to use, annoyed me to no end, and probably slowed me way down. If they had worked as intended I think they would have saved my hands from strain but they did not work for me. Fail!

Scrappy rag quilt for Pen // pensebrox.com

Tips & Tricks: It seems like cutting whatever you use for batting about 1″ smaller and stitching a big X from corner to corner on your square sandwich is pretty much the default way to do things.

I did not do that…

My reasoning was as follows:

I originally planned on making a biscuit quilt and selected prints without considering stitching over the print. Stubborn me did not want an X or any sort of extra design element even though I changed my plans.

The flannel used as “batting” would be cut the full size of each square thus it would be caught up in the seams and I figured at only 5″ square things would not be that hard to keep from moving while sewing.

Since I used a variety of cottons from different sources, some already pre-washed due to being sheets in a previous life, I thought the flannel in the seams would help ensure a good texture all over.


Pen loves her new blanket and it will probably be a companion for years to come.


It even doubles as a toddler eating monster!



Now the big question is… will I go the extra mile and make Seb’s quilt this month as well? I hope to. The theme for February is “tactile crafts”. Things like paper mache, soap making, or clay.  Deciding on a quilting project was easy but I have no idea what to do for that one!


    Love the quilt Roxanne! Love it! I’m sitting on the fence about finishing (starting) quilts for my boys. It’s such a great tradition.

    I could never get myself together enough to make a quilt. My great grandmother made quilts for all the grandchildren that were alive while she was born. I wasn’t born before she passed, but her quilts were beautiful and so sentimental like this one. You did a great job!

    Sooo cute, I love the fabric print blend! My real question though.. where is that dino shirt from?! I love it!! She is too adorable with her piggies, totally distracting from the cute quilt 😛

      I ordered this shirt recent from Osh Kosh. Pen is in love with dinosaurs right now so the shirt was a must have for us!

    I totally bombed on participating in TSNEM for January. Agh! I have it written down to try something and I just didn’t get to quilting anything. Whomp whomp.

    At least you’re picking up my slack by making this amazing quilt. I love it! And it looks like Pen loves it too. So sweet.

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