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Sunday Lately: Week 56


I’m extra late with my post today. We spent a good chunk of our day yesterday taking the kids to meet their new cousin in Boston. Then this morning I spent a lot of effort trying to scrape together the meager amount of snow in our yard into something Seb could sled on. I totally could never see snow again and not miss it but he of course loves the stuff. I’m sure that will change once he is old enough to shovel the drive way on his own. Ha! The link up for Sunday Lately can be found here and you are always welcome to join the Blogger Tribe Facebook group where all the blogger goodness originates from.

This week’s themes are planning, loving, reading, wishing, and feeling.

I started working on a prioritized list of the projects I’d like the sew during February this week. I’m pretty good about meeting obligated deadlines but not so much with “just for fun” sewing. I have a couple of ideas for the sewing along with the upcoming season of Project Run and Play and Kids Clothes Week that I’d like to follow through on.

The kids have been really good with playing together this week. It warms my heart to see them having so much fun with each other despite the age difference.

The most read by me book this week has been the manual for my new sewing machine a lot this week. Boring to some but I’m actually a sucker for reading technical manuals.

I had a few more hours in the day and for more sleep. Both would be super awesome right now. Ha!

A bit sad for my crestfallen 5 year-old. I grew up in a part of California where snow was something you saw on TV or on an occasional trip Tahoe. In fact the “real” winters are what I hate about living in our area. Regardless of my feelings towards the stuff, the lack of a real winter this year is starting to frustrate Seb. In my mind it is a good thing that we were grazed by the storm this weekend and I feel for anybody up to their armpits with snow. Though, I also feel bad how disappointed my son is that there has been a distinct lack of sledding and snowman building this year.

Pen on the other had with smallest plop of snow and thinks the snow we found this morning was the beeknees.


I am also feeling a bit proud that I finished not one but TWO quilts this week. I’m on a roll! First was the rag quilt for Pen that I posted about earlier in the week. Then I finished the quilt I volunteered to assemble using pieces of fabric that  were decorated at the baby shower, for the soon-to-be-born cousin, a few months back. I finished it in time to bring with us when we went to meet the cousin Saturday. It was my first time working with quilt batting. Try Something New Every Month may have created a monster!


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The link up can be found here and you are always welcome to join the Blogger Tribe Facebook group.


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