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Sunday Lately: Week 55

DSC_5346I’m back for my second Sunday Lately. Just a little motivation for me to reveal some of what I do “behind the scenes”. Sunday Lately is a thematic weekly post prompt. The link up can be found here and you are always welcome to join the Blogger Tribe Facebook group where all the blogger goodness originates from.

This week’s themes are completing, visiting, repeating, writing, and scheduling.

I wrapped up a test for the lovely Stephanie of Swoodson Says and next in line is sewing the quilt that I started way back when I was pregnant with Pen. The motivation to finish the quilt was prompted another project of Stephanie’s, Try Something New Every Month. Quilting is January’s theme!

Our trip to the club store yesterday included me stopping by the blood mobile that was in the parking lot. I’m glad that I was both in good health and I finally found a location where it would be feasible for me to donate blood regularly. It was something I’ve been wanting to get in the habit of but the drives immediately near my home always happened when I have no childcare options. Mr. Rox calls me “blood bag” now. I have to admit that I’m pretty geeky over the fact that I have the same blood type as the fictional character Mad Max! Ha!

Right before the New Year, I splurged on a new computerized sewing machine for myself. My weekend and the following week after it arrived was so hectic that I never got a change to turn to machine on.  When I finally did last weekend it became obvious that I had a lemon. Amazon sent me a replacement quickly which arrived Monday. It was like deja vu unpacking the second machine!

I’m actually in the midst of writing several blog posts, Including the one I promised about me cleaning the vintage Babylock I picked up at a flea market and a review of my new computerized machine.

I have a lot of blog related plans for the year and I’m working on getting some sort of schedule together. Not just for my own efficiency but then you as a reader will have something to expect.

Sunday Lately with Blogger Tribe
The link up can be found here and you are always welcome to join the Blogger Tribe Facebook group.


    Yay for schedules. I can’t live without mine. The moment I throw it out the window I get in a mess. Did you re-do your blog look this week? Or was I just not observant last week?

      Yes, I did change it! I was going to do a big “Hey! Look what I did!” once I finished tweaking a few things. The change was impulsive but it will give me more options for how I feature posts down the road.

    I should really do some quilting. Bunny’s Designs always sends the most adorable pre-cuts when you buy fabrics from her. Squares, hexies, rectangles. I have quite of a collection at this point. I think I should sew them together and then start adding to them as I buy more fabric.

    Thumbs up for donating blood! I’m learning how to be better at scheduling which ties into writing too, huh. Can’t wait to read the post about your new sewing machine.

    Oh gosh, love your new look on here!
    I’m telling myself that I’m going to join in on Stephanie’s TSNEM this year. But I need to get my rear in gear and come up with an idea for January! Eep!

    I feel inspired by how much fun stuff you have going on! I always admire quilters, I know I haven’t got the patience for it.

    I’d been thinking about donating blood, since I really haven’t since my undergrad years ago… But with having a health issue, I’m always like “they probably can’t use me, so why try?” I think next time, as long as I’m in good health otherwise, I think I might try, just to see. Pretty sure I’m a universal donor, but probably good to confirm that when they do the draw.

    Schedules are absolutely the only things that keep me sane. That’s awesome that you’re powering through blog ideas and posts! 🙂

    I LOVE all of the blog related plans that come with a new year. Thanks so much for joining in on Sunday Lately! We are so happy to have you.

    Nicole –

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