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Sunday Lately: Week 54

DSC_4500-1My posts have been sparse over the past few months but I have some ideas for the upcoming year. Expect more regularity and exciting things! Yay!  Sunday Lately is a thematic weekly post prompt (say that three times fast!). The link up can be found here and you are always welcome to join the Blogger Tribe Facebook group where all the blogger goodness originates from. I’ve admired the challenge from afar for awhile now but today is my first Sunday where I am participating, albeit a little late in the day…

This week’s themes are updating, remembering, needing, wearing, and being.

This week I’ve been working on updating my sewing area. I received several sewing related items for Christmas, including a full length mirror. I have not had access to one for the 5+ years I’ve lived in this house, so it will be a game changer when sewing for myself. No more trying to decipher Mr. Rox’s  not particularly clear suggestions. Plus it keeps Pen pretty amused when I’m in the area working!

Note to self: The kids have a dentist appointment tomorrow. I was so frazzled last Monday that I missed my own appointment. Whoops!

To weed through the 50 billion photos I took this afternoon for an upcoming guest post on the Mabel Madison blog.

Grubby jeans with muddy knees and a fleece pullover. I knew  thatI might get a bit muddy and rained on while shooting the photos, so I dressed accordingly.

I’m pretty optimistic that this year will be a good one!

Sunday Lately with Blogger Tribe


    Being back to reality can get you frazzled. My week was a mess too! You’re the second blogger to have something going on with Mabel Madison. I’ve got to check out their fabrics.

    Full length mirrors make all the difference, which is why I don’t have one haha. Ooh, I am excited to see what project you are up to since you always make the most amazing things. Let’s see what kind of amazing you do this year 😉

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