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Kitty Fun House: Seb makes bedding!

Kitty Fun House // rk-1456The whole gang headed to a few flea markets over the weekend. I came home with a new companion for a mere $4 and Seb got the dream home for his menagerie of stuffed feline friends for $10.

rk-1481He has spent several months begging me to “get some wood” and build a house for his cats. As much as I love DIY, I’m pretty accident prone (reckless?) when it comes to my adventures and the amount of sharp tools needed for woodworking has put me off wanting to give it a try myself. I like my fingers too much!

rk-1432Even though we ended up buying his kitty dream home (or “Kitty Fun House” as Seb calls it) he was enthusiastic over the prospect of making the furniture ourselves. I had a wood box (that I believe Melissa and Doug magnets came in originally) holding miscellaneous bits in my desk drawer that I thought would be perfect for a bed. The bits in the box really needed for me to sort it better anyways. Seb wanted to make the mattress and bedding himself with his “machine”.

rk-1438The “machine” (aka. the “Sew Cool” that I grabbed for less than $15 on Amazon and blogged before over here) is less a sewing machine and more a needle felting machine. It works great with the cheap-o felt you can buy at any craft store and has a plastic guard around the needles that prevents any little (or big) fingers from getting in the danger zone. That guard does make sliding thicker layers underneath a little tricky for younger kids such as Seb and I helped him get the layers started.


rk-1515It came out pretty cute, no? Next up Seb wants a TV for his cats. He told me that I should read up on wiring!rk1-1453


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