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Pen’s Fashion Roundup


One of things that I enjoy about the sewing blogger community is the cross pollination of ideas. I love good inspiration and following along with challenges such as CraftingCon or Top Stitchers you can find a wealth of inspiring projects. Even if I’m working with a specific challenge in mind, often I find my brain wandering off to similar prompts or inspirations. I have not been as active in the sewing community as I would of liked over the past few months but I still found time and inspiration to create some of my all time favorite looks for Pen!

Star Trek - Janice Rand inspired look for CraftingCon by PenSeb&Rox / rk-0834

Star Trek - Janice Rand inspired look for CraftingCon by PenSeb&Rox / rk-1078

Star Trek - Janice Rand inspired look for CraftingCon by PenSeb&Rox / rk-0826

My Star Trek look for the October Craftingcon was inspired by Janice Rand from the original series.  While not as known as Captain Kirk or Mister Spock, Janice had a distinct look of her own and a presence on screen that made the character a star. I modified Shwin Designs Glass Onion Top to have a gathered back created from a single piece of red jersey. The overall silhouette has a very futuristic modern vibe and I think that is something seen in the costume design in the original series. You can’t go wrong with a comfy jersey dress for a toddler! It was an adventure making the Starfleet badge from gold jersey, black felt, glitter glue, and hand stitching. My sewing machine wanted nothing more than to eat the little badge alive. I have no choice but the resort to hand sewing. The bouffant “wig” made from Lion Brand Hometown USA in “Los Angeles Tan” was created from a knitted base with strands woven to create the basket weave design. Originally I wanted the design portion to be knitted as well but when I did a test swatch, the chunky texture of the yarn made it hard to distinguish.

Road Warrior: CraftingCon Guest Post // pensebrox

Road Warrior: CraftingCon Guest Post // pensebrox

Road Warrior: CraftingCon Guest Post // pensebrox

When I hear “post-apocalyptic” I instantly think of the Mad Max film series. As I kid I loved  DIY nature of the costumes (Baddies with glue guns!!) and the fast homegrown vehicles. The most recent addition to the series, Fury Road, knocks my socks off! My love for the original films lead to another CraftingCon look for Pen. I used not one but THREE Jennuine Design patterns. With the world struggling to scavenge what it needs to get by, it only seemed fitting to upcycle as much as I could for the outfit. The scaled down Moto Jacket was created a plethora of my old threads. My faded black jeans, an old thrifted velvet and lace dress, and at-shirt were all used to craft the sassy jacket. I reused leftover velvet scraps to trim the raggedly ruffled LOL Swing Top and scraps of FOE for the stripes on the Dressage Leggings.

Peppa Pig Costume // pensebrox.com rk-1289 rk-1302

Kid me would of probably argued that Kermit the Frog was my spirit animal and I think Pen carries on the tradition of finding a connection with an imaginary creature with her affinity for the cartoon character Peppa Pig. On a chilly New England Halloween the snuggly ensemble was just the thing she needed. Pink and red polar fleece was used to create the entire outfit. Originally I used the Bonny Leggings by Made for Mermaids for the bottoms but had issues keeping them tucked into the boots and re-made the bottoms using Abby’s Footed Tights by The Wolf and the Tree. The fleece tights worked out wonderfully with no need to keep tucking everything back into Pen’s rain boots. For the “dress” I used the Raglan Pocket Dress by Brindille & Twig using both red and pink fleece to create the look of Peppa’s sleeveless dress and pink arms. Lemon Squeezy Home’s FREE Faux Fur Hood pattern was perfect to use as the base for the “Peppa” hood.  The resulting outfit might not be high fashion for an adult but it being well coordinated makes it high fashion for a one year-old who thinks a single boot and  a dress-up breastplate as a handbag is the height of fashion!

Each month the Top Stitchers  competitors give it their all and I enjoy following each month. In just a day, the sew-a-long ends so be sure to link up an appropriate project if you have not already.

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P.S Here is a photo of Pen’s self-styled single boot and breastplate handbag look! 😉

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    Totally adorable! There’s so much awesomeness represented in this post. Thanks for linking up the Top Stitchers sew along. I think I’m going to have to recreate that wig, though!

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