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The big Halloween costume reveal!

Chocolate Chip Cookie & Peppa Pig Costume // pensebrox.com Phew! I finished two costumes just in time for local Halloween fun at Seb’s school. There has been a lot going around our house lately so there were admittedly moments where I thought about skipping over handmade this year. Of course my love for the spirit of the holiday overrode any alternatives.

pensebroxoninstagramIf you follow me on Instagram you may be familiar with my original plan to dress Pen up as Olivia, the stylishly dressed porcine character from a popular book series. It has cooled off drastically over the past few weeks. I started to think all the effort to scale down the vintage sailor dress pattern and then sew the “easy” by 1950’s standards pattern would end up hidden underneath a coat for any Halloween related festivities.

peppapigThough Pen does seem to like the Olivia books she is head over heels for the tv series Peppa Pig.


Peppa Pig Costume // pensebrox.comPeppa Pig is definitely a warm and cozy costume when made with polar fleece! For the leggings and dress I went up on size for the width in order to insure extra room in case we needed layer more for outdoors. For the dress I choose to use the Raglan Pocket Dress by Brindille & Twig, leggings were the Bonny Leggings by Made For Mermaids, and the hood was the FREE Faux Fur Hood by Lemon Squeezy Home with self drafted Peppa shaped ears. Seriously, if you have not tried the Faux Fur Hood definitely give it a shot. I used it to make hoods for the kids last Christmas (see Seb’s / see Pen’s). The curly tail was made by sliding a doubled over pipe cleaner into a tube that I made from a scrap of fleece and then curling that by wrapping it around a pencil. I’ll probably add stirrups to the leggings before Halloween because I had issues with the fleece not wanting to stay tucked into Pen’s yellow rain boots.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Costume // pensebrox.comSeb requested to be made into a “chocolate chip cookie”. He even picked out the colors for the costume himself. I pretty much made up the cookie as I went along stitching the “chips” felt shapes onto the main fabric, stuffing the whole thing, and then tacking down portions to create the ridges for a more cookie like texture. I used nylon webbing to create shoulder straps and Velcro on the sides to keep the whole thing from flopping around. Since we already had enough coordinating elements for the rest of his outfit on hand, I did not bother to make anything else from scratch.

Chocolate Chip Cookie & Peppa Pig Costume // pensebrox.comChocolate Chip Cookie & Peppa Pig Costume // pensebrox.comChocolate Chip Cookie & Peppa Pig Costume // pensebrox.com
My favorite thing about this time of year is seeing all the handmade costumes! I’m sure part of the reason why I stick with the handmade route is inspiration from my own mom making my costumes year after year during my childhood. Are you sewing anything special this season?


    I sewed a Katerina Kitty Cat dress for my daughter and Henrietta Pussycat dress for myself, since she insisted (although I love dressing up too). We’re going to print out a Trolley patch for a red jacket my husband already has so he can “dress up” too. I love the Peppa costume and that your son wanted to be a cookie, love it.

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