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Jennuine Design Pattern Tour: The Moto Jacket

Moto Jacket // pensebrox.comAwhile back I had the pleasure of testing yet another awesome Jennuine Design pattern, the Moto Jacket. Even though the jacket was designed with leather in mind all sorts of materials are well suited for the hip styling of the jacket. There is even an option to piece the back together which is fabulous for upcycling! With so much flexibility for material sourcing, I’ve so far made TWO Moto Jackets with two more in the works.

Moto Jacket // pensebrox.com Moto Jacket // pensebrox.comFor my first version of the Moto Jacket I used a wonderful corduroy, from Mabel Madison, embellished with colorful flying saucers for the main body. The knit portions came from a sweater that I liberated from Mr. Rox’s side of the closet and I used a red cotton flannel for the lining. The sweater knit used for the collar, sleeves, and pocket welts adds a cozy vibe. There is even an option to do a quilted lining if you want to make the jacket even cozier!

Moto Jacket // pensebrox.comI’ve made the Dressage Leggings for Seb in the past and I’ve come across quite a few other examples of the pattern being great for girls and boys but the Moto Jacket is Jennuine Design’s first official unisex pattern. The tutorial has a full section to make a reversed front panel to get everything on the “boys” side and the rest of the tutorial has reminders of the orientation. Since we tested the Moto Jacket back in June it was great that the fit had some room to it in order for the jacket to fit come September. Jenn really has a knack for designing with kids in mind and she tests thoroughly for the best fit, so I was thrilled that I had another opportunity to sew one of her patterns for Seb. Of course I loved the pattern so much that I need I’d have to make one for Pen, even if it is SUMMER!

Road Warrior: CraftingCon Guest Post // pensebroxSince the Moto Jacket fits 2T to 12 years, I had to reduce the pattern down to a 12-18m myself to make the centerpiece for my recent Road Warrior inspired CraftingCon look. Since most of the materials I used for this version were upcycled I ran into issues with having enough velvet which lead to the collar being slightly smaller than in the original design.

Road Warrior: CraftingCon Guest Post // pensebroxFor this version I used lace and velvet salvaged from a dress I probably thrifted 20 years ago (gah!), an old pair of my jeans (easy since the back can be constructed from two pieces), and a purple knit shirt (doubled to give the sleeves a good weight). The tab to make “bow” cuffs is my addition but easy enough if you wish to add your own to a Moto Jacket. The rest of Pen’s outfit for the look is Jennuine Design as well. I suggest heading over to my original CraftingCon post if you wish to read all the details (and see more of Pen rocking the look).

Moto Jacket // pensebrox.comThe pattern may look intimidating but the tutorial is clear with details (such as how to shorten a zipper) and construction techniques that result in a finished jacket that any sewist will be proud of. I’d argue an advance beginner that too their time could totally tackle this.
Be sure to check out the other stops on the pattern tour. I’ve been loving the other versions of the Moto Jacket on the tour and don’t forget that Jenn is hosting a GIVEAWAY as part of the tour on her Jennuine Design blog. I’m drooling over the gift card for Livie & Luca!

Get the Moto Jacket pattern or any other Jennuine Design pattern for 25% off over the course of the tour.  Use the code “MotoTour” to receive the discount.


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