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Sewing Jennuine Design’s Ruffled Apron

Jennuine Design's Ruffled Apron :: pensebrox.comNot that long ago I signed up for a blogger tutorial swap. Stephanie of Swoodson Says started the swap and the aim is to find a tutorial on your randomly assigned blogger’s blog and create something with the tutorial.

Jennuine Design's Ruffled Apron :: pensebrox.comI was randomly assigned Jenn’s (of Jennuine Design) blog A Jennuine Life. It was a fun coincidence that it has been about a year since I was first introduced to Jenn and her designs via testing her LOL Swing Top with a newborn Pen. Amazing how much a difference a year makes in the life of a baby! #theygrowupfast

Jennuine Design's Ruffled Apron :: pensebrox.comJenn’s blog has many FREE tutorials including two styles of aprons that she created for her “Every Occasion Dress”. Most likely influenced by her older brother and his costumes, Pen has developed love for dressing up. It was about time I expanded Pen’s personal dress up collection and knowing how much she loves playing “restaurant” with her brother, I thought an apron would be a great starting piece. Originally I intended on making the banded apron but after selecting my fabric I thought the ruffled apron would be a better match.

The Verona Dress // pensebrox.comIt was not until I started assembling the ruffled apron that I realized the cherry print fabric was scraps from one of several Verona’s that I made, also designed by Jenn!

(Psst! I think the aprons mentioned in this post would look too cute paired with a Verona Dress!)

Jennuine Design's Ruffled Apron :: pensebrox.com

Jennuine Design's Ruffled Apron :: pensebrox.comI pretty much followed the tutorial as written but instead of using buttons to connect the neck strap to the bib I just used two strips of fabric to create a tie. I think I’ll end up adding velcro to the strap for easy on/off and allow the apron to have my “room to grow”. The tutorial gives dimensions to create a 2T sized apron. The widest of my cherry fabric scraps was 1/2″ smaller than the biggest rectangle required but I think the resulting apron will work great for Pen now and a year from now.

Jennuine Design's Ruffled Apron :: pensebrox.com Jennuine Design's Ruffled Apron :: pensebrox.comMaking the apron was easy but getting photos of a on-the-go one year-old was something else!

Jennuine Design's Ruffled Apron :: pensebrox.comI love Pen in her little ruffled apron and think the apron is great look for play or as an accessory! If you wish a plainer or unisex option take a look at the banded apron tutorial. Be sure to also check out Jenn’s swap post.

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