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Wrapping up another Kids Clothes Week…

Bohemian Babydoll // pensebrox.comWhile I did devote an hour every day to kids sewing this round of Kids Clothes Week, part of my week I devoted to projects not specifically inspired by KCW but still involved sewing kids clothes. This included the new Moto Jacket by Jennuine Design and finishing up a pair of gingham shorts that was for my review of the Clemence Shorts for this month’s The Pattern Exam.

Bohemian Babydoll // pensebrox.comMost of the week I had a super cranky molar sprouting Pen on my hands which kept my progress on personal sewing projects to a minimum. I FINALLY got around to sewing up a Bohemian Babydoll. I’ve had the pattern taped since the last Kids Clothes Week! For my version I salvaged chambray from an old blouse for the bodice and I used part of a sheet for the skirt.

Clemence Shorts Hack // pensebrox.comI was going to sew Pen a few more Clemence Shorts in the near future anyways but after seeing the awesome “Marilyn” hack that Mel posted earlier in the week, I knew I’d have to make a few ruched versions as soon as possible! I cut fabric with intending on making four shorts using this hack. So far I have the purple pair pictured made and a teal pair that Pen wore out shopping yesterday. Both pairs I finished making I used a cotton poplin. The other two I cut are sitting on partially assembled on my sewing table. Why so many? For one thing Pen has a tendency to completely destroy her outfits with dirt, food, snot, and mysterious substances that I probably don’t really want to know what that stain really is. There is also enough “room to grow” with the 12 month size that I can see her wearing these through the fall over tights as shorts or underneath a dress as bloomers.

Clemence Shorts // pensebrox.comI also wanted to make several of the Clemence Shorts using the single scallop design from the recent expansion. For the pair pictured I upcycled from a pair of my jeans that were never particularly flattering on me. The way the shorts designed to be assembled, I think makes them perfect for upcycling. Right now the cut pieces for the other two I plan on making are under Seb’s artwork on my desk. Hopefully I’ll be able to uncover them once I finish sewing the ruched versions.

www.pensebrox.comLastly, I cut but did not even begin to sew two pairs of harem shorts for Seb. Unlike Pen’s wardrobe that is missing some basic components, Seb is pretty good on clothing which is why I prioritized sewing for her this round.

Bohemian Babydoll // pensebrox.comClemence Shorts // pensebrox.comOverall I’m glad I got some things actually sewn and I have plenty of projects prepped that will keep me busy for the next few weeks. What projects did you make this week?


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