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Women’s Bundle Up

I’m very excited to be part of the Bundle Up Blog Tour and also to show you two knit projects I’ve recently completed for myself. While not coordinating pieces, both the Perfect Petal Skirt by Little Lizard King and Malibu Misses by MODkid both have the potential to be easy wear knit pieces great for dressing up or down. With the right knit weights I think they can be flattering for a multitude of shapes and sizes as well. Including my slightly squishy size 16-ish post-baby mom bod!


Women's Bundle Up // pensebrox.comFull disclosure: Mr. Rox made me pick this pattern. That is not to say I do not like the design. I think the Perfect Petal by Little Lizard King is AMAZING looking but the practical side of me wondered on what occasion in my hum-drum life would I wear such a snazzy looking skirt? The answer is…


Women's Bundle Up // Little Lizard King - Petal Perfect // pensebrox.comAbove is my picnic with the kids chic look. I spent the day grocery shopping, running around a park, picnicking with the kids, playing in the yard, and a hundred other things. Never once did I regret my fashion choice. The Perfect Petal was… perfectly comfortable.

Yes, that was a bit lame but seriously, the skirt in the right knit fabric is amazingly comfortable while still looking snazzy.

Women's Bundle Up // pensebrox.com

Perfect Petal Skirt by Little Lizard King

– Sizes 0-20 (Hip 34″-50″)
– Instructions include advice for cutting a taller waistband
– Designed for knit fabrics
– Has easy to follow tutorial with clear photos

Sewing: I followed the tutorial exactly. Sewing was very straight forward and probably the fastest thing I’ve ever made for myself. Really!

I cut a 16 for both waist and hip. The tutorial advises sizing down when between sizes and I probably could have gotten away with cutting a 14 for the waist. I did not because had concerns of oddly distorted cats so I was conservative when judging what size to cut. Even if the waistband could have been smaller it still fits fine with no back gaping. Since I still have some of my post-baby pooch I found the higher waistband recommend in the tutorial to be a great asset to the overall fit. The skirt is designed to be fitted and with my hips being 45″ like what was listed for the size 16 I thought the fit was perfect. Fitted but with enough breathing room to feel comfortable.

Women's Bundle Up // pensebrox.comI’m so in love with the Verhees knit “Cat & Mouse” I purchased from Mabel Madison. I even have a goal where I want to make something with every color the print comes in. The print is fun and I think how well it works with the design of the Perfect Petal shows how versatile the skirt is. I can totally see myself whipping up a few plaid versions in the fall and I’m sure that be just one of many other version I will make!

Women's Bundle Up // pensebrox.comI’ve been long fantasizing about sewing my own simple knit summer tank dresses. The sort that are easy to throw on but you still look pulled together. Ready to wear versions of my fantasy have failed me miserably over the years and I figured that sewing it myself may be my only hope. My dreams have come true with the Malibu Misses by MODkid.

The crossover back is really the stand out feature in my opinion but the pattern also comes with a full back opinion. With instructions for both a short and maxi lengths, this is a very versatile tank dress. Its a-line shape gives a flattering shape to the skirt and a classic edge to the dress.

Women's Bundle Up // pensebrox.com

Malibu Misses by MODkid

– Sizes XS-XXL (Bust 30″-42″, Hip 32″-44″)
– Plain or Cross back options, Maxi or Mini length
– Cutting guidelines for each length according to Petite, Average, and Tall heights
– Designed for knit fabrics
– Comes with illustrated tutorial and clear instructions

Sewing: I had trouble coming up with a suitable knit to use as contrast binding for the dress so I ended up resorting to using navy bias tape. The medium weight knit I used worked well with the bias tape but I could see it being too heavy for a lighter weight knit. The time consuming part was adding the trim. Not exactly difficult but carefully pinning takes time. Outside of that part, I consider the dress to be a quick sew.

I took the shoulders in slightly to get the cross back to lay flat on my body and the bodice was taken in about 1″. As a very general rule of thumb I’ve found that I often need to go by my high bust rather than full bust when choosing bodice size. Since I have not had any previous experience with fitting anything like the cross back on the Malibu I just stuck with a straight XXL. I have a 45″ hip which is a smidgen over the 43″-44″ listed for the XXL but did not make any changes to the skirt. Elastic is added to the waist to bring it in a little and cut according to waist size but I’m still sporting something of a postpartum belly so I did not need any drastic waist adjustments.

Women's Bundle Up // pensebrox.comI’ve been hoarding this boat print knit in my stash for a long time and I’m glad I finally found the perfect summer dress project for it. I’ll definitely be wearing this dress frequently over the summer. With some many knit fabric choices, I can see the Malibu Misses by MODkid as the being perfect for everything from a sexy date night look to a swimsuit coverup.



Both the Petal Perfect Skirt and Malibu Misses, and many other fantastic patterns, are available exclusively in the Women’s Bundle UP May 1-8. Be sure to check out the other blogs on the tour to see everything that the Bundle Up sale has to offer.


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