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Time to Travel Blog Tour

SWB Tour // pensebrox.comOnce upon a time there is a little boy who dreamed of seeing the world.
Thanks to the Time to Travel ebook, and help from his mom, he became well equipped for his adventures.


SWB Tour // pensebrox.comSeb seems to have enough money for a ticket in his Ready, Set, Go! Wallet

SWB Tour // pensebrox.comSeb has his Swansea Bag packed. Here we go!

SWB Tour // pensebrox.comTime to Travel is the first ebook from Sewing With Boys. It comes packed with patterns, tips for traveling with your little one, and printable activities for your little guy (or gal).  All four of the patterns included in the ebook are great for families on the go. I made the Read, Set, Go! Wallet and the Swansea Bag (more on that later). The book also includes patterns for the Adventure Belt (a cool utility belt) and Just Like Pappa Briefcase (kid-size briefcase to hold art supplies and more).

SWB Tour // pensebrox.comSWB Tour // pensebrox.comSWB Tour // pensebrox.comSpecial Time to Travel currency and travel documents is one of the many fun printable PDF activities included. After cutting out the printed pieces I sandwiched them between clear contact paper for extra durability. The contact paper also kept a degree of flexibility which allowed the pieces to the perfect accessory for the Ready, Set, Go! Wallet or even the Just Like Pappa Briefcase.

SWB Tour // pensebrox.comThe Pirate Map printable in Time to Travel is a great example of how flexible the included activities can be not just for play but your little helper can assist with the creation of the activity! Smaller kids might enjoy coloring in the printed map and older kids might want to help assemble or even create the map entirely on their own.

SWB Tour // pensebrox.comSWB Tour // pensebrox.comSeb has been fascinated with owning a “machine” of his own and when I came across the “Sew Cool” machine as a Warehouse Deal on Amazon for under $15 I knew I had to grab it for him. The machine does not sew but rather uses (completely shielded) needles to felt two pieces of felt together. Not quite like mommy’s machine but Seb still has a few years before he is ready to use a real machine on his own. Sew Cool came with special projects and the company sells refill kits but it works great with plain ‘ole craft felt. I knew the Pirate Map from Time to Travel would be perfect felt project for Seb to “sew”.

SWB Tour // pensebrox.comI printed a copy of the map included in Time to Travel to cut out to be used as a template for the felt pieces. Since the felt I used was a bit smaller than the template I printed out I had to fudge the overall map design a bit but it still looks awesome. Seb also insisted I make bananas for the trees because “pirates need food”. Before handing the pieces over to Seb for assembly I traced each piece with a marker to help guide him. Making the project almost like a puzzle! Letting your little one assemble the map would be a great project for all skills levels since it could be simply glued, felted like Seb did, or sewn.

SWB Tour // pensebrox.comThe projects I made were just a few of the activities packed into the Time to Travel ebook. Seb and I had great fun reading through the ebook and selecting activities to make. Time to Travel also includes FOUR sewing patterns designed especially for a little guy (or gal) in your life. I made both the Ready, Set, Go! Wallet and Swansea Bag  for Seb.

SWB Tour // pensebrox.comSWB Tour // pensebrox.comReady, Set, Go! Wallet: I’m something of an accessory-a-phobic when it comes to sewing projects. I’ve held off from making wallets in the past because the idea of assembling all those little pockets intimidates me. When selecting which projects I’d make for the tour, Seb insisted that I make him the wallet. Oh no! I was amazed how easily the Ready, Set, Go! Wallet came together.

SWB Tour // pensebrox.comThe instructions were well illustrated and each step was crystal clear. Very little material is needed for the project so I used a variety of scraps I had floating around including upcycling a pair of gray chinos. The design has just the right amount of pockets including a spot for loose change. With such a great pattern and tutorial, I felt a bit silly feeling intimated over the prospects of making a wallet. I think I may be making one of these for myself in the future!

SWB Tour // pensebrox.comSwansea Bag: The Swansea Bag is the perfect all-purpose bag for your little guy (or gal). Two lengths are included on the pattern pieces so one could even be made for an adult or teen in your life! One piece of fabric is used for the main body of the bag but Seb requested that I use a race car fabric that was several inches shy of what was required for the kids length. Since the bottom of bags often gets the most wear I used denim for the bottom and the bottom panel added to the race car fabric to get the right length. I used the same denim for the large pocket option and left off the flap since I thought Seb would prefer the pocket without one.

SWB Tour // pensebrox.comA certain big orange box hardware store had this orange webbing that I fell in love with but sadly the width that it came in looked wimpy on the bag. I had the bright idea to attach it to the wider black webbing I had also purchased at the same store to create something of a racing stripe on the strap.

SWB Tour // pensebrox.comWhile the Swansea Bag is not lined, it is assembled with french seams making the interior nice and tidy looking. Included with the pattern is options for either a casing or grommet closure. Instructions were easy to follow making the entire project a breeze. I’m such a fan of the finished bag and so is Seb! With creative fabric choices this no-fuss bag can fit a wide range of preferences and can be whipped up in no time at all. I think I need to make one for each member of our family for camping.

SWB Tour // pensebrox.comSewing with Boys Time to Travel ebook is packed with all sorts of goodies. I’m blown away by all four of the great patterns included. The travel themed activities and information for kids is a fun bonus and is great for those with younger kids but if you are sewing for yourself or tweens I still think the purchase price is more than worth it for the Ready, Set, Go! Wallet and Swansea Bag patterns alone.

SWB Tour // pensebrox.comThank you for reading my review of the Time to Travel ebook and I’m so glad I was able to be a part of this tour. Be sure to stop by all the other blogs on the tour and enter to win not only your own copy of Time to Travel but prizes also included fabric and gift certificates. Woot!

Grand prize: $50 gift certificate to FabricWorm and a copy of Time to Travel*
2nd: 1 yard of fabric from Mabel Madison and a copy of Time to Travel*
3rd: a copy of Time to Travel*

*If you buy the eBook and win the giveaway, we will either refund your money, or send the copy on to a friend of your choice.
But that’s not all! If you buy the eBook during the tour, you’ll be automatically entered to win a $30 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop!

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