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One Thimble 7: Jukebox Tempo

One Thimble 7 // Jukebox Dress // pensebrox.comI jumped at the chance to sew up one of the dresses from the Jukebox Duet by FLOSStyle as part of the One Thimble 7 Blog Tour. Each issue of One Thimble is packed with amazing patterns from some of your favorite designers and sewing related articles. You might even discover a few new designers. I’m always drooling over the patterns included in each issue and One Thimble 7 is no exception!

11102615_833294043416704_8921509345960054788_nThe Jukebox Duet includes both the Tempo (a woven dress with contrast shoulders button tab cuffed sleeves) and the Rhythm (a cowl necked knit dress). With warm weather finally here I thought the Tempo would be perfect for a spring dress.

One Thimble 7 // Jukebox Dress // pensebrox.comFLOSStyle has put together a clear illustrated tutorial  that makes sewing the Tempo very straightforward. Details like the back button placket, cuffed sleeves with a tab, bias hem, and contrast shoulders are little details that really make the dress something else. With the thorough tutorial even beginners should be able to complete the pattern without much trouble. Heck, I made this dress and pretty much re-made it again…

Real life sewing confession: With this dress 90% done I realized that I completely failed with my shoulder fabric choice. The dress is so quick to come together I was tempted to just make a second version but since I was using a vintage fabric that I had in a limited amount I could not leave it with a less-than-perfect fabric pairing. I ended up disassembling the dress back to the start, salvaged the vintage paisley fabric lining and skirt, added new shoulders, and re-assembled it creating version 2.

One Thimble 7 // Jukebox Dress // pensebrox.comSpeaking of fabric choices, the pink striped cotton and vintage green paisleys with orange and pink floral print is something I thrifted many months ago. I knew they would be perfect together when I thrifted them, they look fantastic made into a Tempo. It must have been temporary insanity that made me want to use a chambray instead of the pink stripe! The pattern suggests buttons or snaps for the tabs and back placket. I used snaps for ease of dressing my wiggly Pen.

One Thimble 7 // Jukebox Dress // pensebrox.com

One Thimble 7 // Jukebox Dress // pensebrox.comThere is something both modern and classic about the styling of the Tempo. The contrast shoulders and cuffed tab features of the design make it the  perfect pallet for pattern mixing. I can’t stop coming up with new combinations from my stash in my head. I’m sure I’ll be making more Tempos soon. The Tempo can easily be made with a wide range of fabrics suiting each season – a medium weight cotton like I did for the mid-seasons, soft light gauze for hot months, and a baby cord would be perfect for cooler months. Nothing about the design hindered Pen from exploring the world like a curious few-days-shy-of-11 months-old. The fewer spills and tumbles makes for a happy mom and baby!One Thimble 7 // Jukebox Dress // pensebrox.com With girls to teen sizes ranging from 1 to 16 and the seasonal versatility of both versions of the dress, I really think FLOSStyle has made the Jukebox Duet  a must-have staple for anybody sewing for a girl. This pattern is just one of 10 available in issue 7 of One Thimble which releases Friday May 15th! I also had the pleasure of sewing another pattern from the issue and will be posting about that project in a few days.

Are you looking forward to seeing more of the range of patterns from One Thimble’s Issue 7? Follow the blog tour using the links below;



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