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Mystery Challenge: Piet Mondrian

Mystery Challenge // Piet MondrainFor this round of the Mystery Challenge Nienke of Pienkel gave me the task of creating something inspired by the painter Piet Mondrian. If you can not recall any Mondrian paintings off the top of your head let me jog your memory.

Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow, 1930 (from Wikipedia)

Even if you are still not familiar with the artist’s paintings I’m sure you’ve seen something influenced by his work. For example, the Mondrian inspired Yves Saint Laurent dresses are the first thing I think of when I hear “mod” and “shift dress” in the same sentence.

Mondrian dresses by Yves Saint Laurent shown with a Mondrian painting in 1966. (from Wikipedia)
My own Mondrian inspired project was something of an exercise in frustration. After prepping for one idea I discovered late in the game that the pattern I planned on using was too small for Seb’s giant noggin. At least I found this out before cutting the pattern pieces! I did not feel like I had time to make a muslin to test sizing up the pattern so Sunday afternoon I came up with plan “B”. Seb is my little artist and I thought it would be great to make something to contain his art supplies that at any given time can usually be found, along with one of his projects, covering half the kitchen table.
Mystery Challenge // Piet MondrainMystery Challenge // Piet MondrainFor the bag pattern I used The Art Caddy by Ginger Cake. With the way the information was presented in the tutorial and pattern, I have to admit that I felt like in the same amount of time it took me to cut and sew the bag I could of figured something out on my own. I’m definitely happy with the way the bag turned out which is why I’m not completely regretting the pattern purchase but this is a good example of me needing more confidence in my own abilities.
Mystery Challenge // Piet Mondrain
Besides using Mondrian’s well known colors for the main pieces of the bag, I also pieced together the topmost pocket on each side and top stitched with black thread. I used cotton broadcloth for the exterior, a dark gray chambray I had on hand for the lining, and black webbing for the straps. Knowing Seb would try to cram all sorts of things into the bag I wanted to use something less rigid than the interfacing that the pattern called for but would still help the bag keep a decent shape. I had a a piece of stiff felt leftover from Pen’s witch hat and that was exactly what I needed.
Mystery Challenge // Piet Mondrain
Mystery Challenge // Piet Mondrain
I was a wee bit sad when Seb fell in love with his new “rainbow” bag since I grew to love the bag so much that I would of been happy to give it a home with my own supplies. Of course even with my jealousy I have to say that the bag is PERFECT for the little artist on the go…
Mystery Challenge // Piet Mondrain
Mystery Challenge // Piet Mondrain
Mystery Challenge // Piet MondrainMystery Challenge // Piet MondrainDespite my project issues I feel liked I lucked out being given something as awesome as Piet Mondrian as my challenge prompt. I hope you enjoyed my project and be sure to check out the other participants on the Mystery Challenge tour!


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Mystery Challenge // Piet Mondrain


    What a creative and practical art tote! Completely see the reference – and so well done. It’s no wonder he loves it.

    That is an amazing bag for an artist! And great post too, I always think of that style when I think “mod” dresses too but I never knew why!

    Love this bag, I think I need one! Thanks for linking up to the Top Stitchers sew along.

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