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Mystery Challenge: Paper Airplanes!

Paper Airplane Bedding // pensebrox.comWelcome to my stop on the Mystery Challenge blog tour! The name of the game is for another blogger to give you a theme and you create a crafty project using that theme. There was a slight hiccup with the system that matched bloggers leaving me without a partner and the group ended up voting for my theme. The group decided on paper airplanes for my challenge! Up until last Saturday I had been working on a completely different project using the theme. Once inspiration struck, I could not help but to change my plans.

Paper Airplane Bedding // pensebrox.comDuring the holidays my Dad paid us an extended visit and after his departure Seb declared the unfinished spare room that my Dad stayed in as his own. We planned on making the room into a space for the kids later in the year but Seb’s sudden decision left me unprepared. The bedding was whatever I could find and with the upgrade from a toddler to a twin bed I also could not use our collection of toddler size kid sheets.

Paper Airplane Bedding // pensebrox.comWanting to add some fun to the room, making Seb paper airplane themed bedding seemed like the perfect idea! Sunday morning I was giddy when I discovered that I had everything I would need already in my stash. Mr. Rox I’m sure was also ecstatic about not having to go on a fabric store shopping spree.

Paper Airplane Bedding // pensebrox.comFor the fitted sheet and pillow case I used a cotton jersey from Girl Charlee. I had previously order quite a few yards of the “slightly flawed” thinking I’d use it for muslins since it was a steal at $1.50/yard. I used two tutorials for reference when making the basic pillow case and fitted sheet.

Paper Airplane Bedding // pensebrox.comI used a piece a striped french terry that I thrifted some time ago for about $2 and backed it with a piece of navy sweatshirt fleece that I grabbed from a remnant bin for under $2 to make the blanket. Since both pieces of fabric were large (around 50″ x 60″) but not quite big enough to make a twin comforter. I first thought about adding a large border but after designing the paper airplane graphic I decided making the blanket without borders would suit the project more. Seb also tends to drag his blankets around the house to use in multiple locations and I think the slightly smaller blanket would be more manageable.

Paper Airplane Bedding // pensebrox.com

T-shirt scraps where used for both the paper airplane and cloud appliques. I fused the graphics to the fabric using Heat Bond Lite and top stitched for extra durability.  I create my own templates for the appliques and you are welcome to use them for your own home projects. I printed the planes at 75% for the pillows and 100% for the blanket.

Paper Airplane Bedding // pensebrox.com Paper Airplane Bedding // pensebrox.com(right click the image and select “save LINK as” or click to be taken to the pdf file)

Paper Airplane Bedding // pensebrox.com

Paper Airplane Bedding // pensebrox.comNeedless to say Seb loves his new bedding and I have to admit that I’m a wee bit jealous of it! The shapes and colors are such fun and will be perfect to pair with a solid fleece blanket to finish things off. I’m amazed that the project cost only around $10!

Paper Airplane Bedding // pensebrox.comSweet dreams!

I had so much fun with my challenge theme and I hope you will check out the other blogs on the Mystery Challenge tour. All the projects have been fantastic!

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Paper Airplane Bedding // pensebrox.com


    Oh it is so cute! And perfect for a little guy as sweet as Seb. I love that you were able to use what you had on hand.

    This turned out awesome!! What a great idea to do bedding! I love the shapes and colors together – they are the perfect backdrop for those paper airplanes 🙂

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