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Batseb // pensebrox.comToday was “Superhero Day” at Seb’s pre-school. Last year I made him a smashing “Super Seb” cape and shirt. This year he requested that I make him into Batman.

Batseb // pensebrox.comSeb is on the fence about wearing masks so I made him a bat beanie using Delia Creates FREE Ribbed Beanie pattern and cut a set of 4 triangles for the bat “ears”.

Batseb // pensebrox.com

Batseb // pensebrox.comFor the cape I again used Thread Riding Hood’s FREE Super Hero Cape pattern. This time I modified the cape slightly by leaving out the rounded corner and using a small bowl to create the scalloped edge. I traced the bat symbol onto a piece of yellow felt, attached to the cape using Heat Bond Lite, and top stitched for extra security. I did not line the cape since the piece of sweatshirt fleece I used already had quite a bit of weight to it and I wanted the cape to be swish-y.

Batseb // pensebrox.com


Batseb // pensebrox.comI’ve been fighting some sort of sinus plague so it was handy and convenient that I already had a spiffy Batman shirt that I thrifted for a quarter last year stashed away in the bin for Seb’s summer clothes. Making the cape and hat took very little time and made for one very happy 4 year-old!


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