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Kids Clothes Week is here!

KCW: Upcycling


Kids Clothes Week has arrived and this time the theme is something right up my alley… Upcycling! In preparation for the upcoming week I devoted some time last week to purging our wardrobes. Over the past few years I’ve been really trying to reduce the amount of clothing duds I bring home so my upcycling supply from our own closets has been slowly dwindling but on my latest purge I did find a few treasures.
KCW: Upcycling

While hacking off the sleeves of this ladies knit top with the intention of using the sleeves on a project for Seb, I decided to use the rest to whip up a top for Pen. What I always loved about the shirt was the collar area so I made sure to cut the pieces with re-using that part in mind.

I recommend using a shirt at a guide when making the pieces if you don’t have a pattern in mind for the project. During my project, Pen was happily entertaining herself and I did not want to cause a disruption by moving her so I could go search for a top to use a guide. This lead me to using the technique know as “eyeballing”. The resulting top is a bit wider than I would have liked but I really think it came out great considering I’m TERRIBLE at eyeballing things.

KCW Upcycle - pensebrox.com KCW Upcycle - pensebrox.com KCW Upcycle - pensebrox.com

The leggings were another upcycle project from a few weeks ago. I’ve been testing an upcoming mini pattern collection by Jennuine Design and I used another woman’s top to make the basic version of the leggings.

KCW Upcycle - pensebrox.com


At 7 months Pen is quite the mobile gal and this is what she thinks of me having her sit for photos!

That is my first project of the week. What will you be working on this KCW?


    I love it! I think you’ll get some extended wear with the wider neckline and she looks adorable in it!

    My first day was getting patterns together, a little cutting and sewing up a bucket hat. I was able to get in much more than one hour. I have to take it where I can get it.

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