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Introducing the Willow Wrap Top & Dress

Love Notions Willow Top Review // pensebrox.com

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a percentage of the sale if you make a purchase using the link. Of course opinions of the pattern are my own and rest assured that if I was not 100% happy with the pattern there would be no affiliate link or glowing review. Thank you for your understanding!

The Willow Top by Love Notions (affiliate link) was just released, an attractive knit top with a wrap style front. Available with both a regular or asymmetrical hem with side ruching, the top has two neckline options and modesty panel that also functions well for nursing mothers. A dress version was also released as Willow Top’s sister pattern the Willow Dress.

Willow Wrap Dress & Top

It was a great experience testing Love Notion’s Willow Top. Tami was very interested in what the testers had to say. She was especially responsive to the feedback from nursing mothers such as myself. For example, creating a modesty panel that is not just an attractive neckline option but also an extra level of convenience for nursing mothers.

Since I sew mostly for my two young kids, with any adult pattern I make there is always an initial “I have to tape how many pieces together?!” but assembly is a clear and straightforward process that passes quickly. The top itself is so quick to cut and assemble, you could easily make several on a quiet afternoon or whip one up during nap time if you have young kids like me!

Love Notions Willow Top Review // pensebrox.com Love Notions Willow Top Review // pensebrox.com

I made View B (the regular hemline) with the modesty panel in a large with no adjustments to the length. With my high bust measuring 39″ the top fits great with enough room in all the right places. The two fabrics I used fell at opposite ends of the stretch guidelines with the green having more stretch and the purple close to the 50% stretch mark. Despite the difference in stretch, both versions of the top fit comfortably and did not hug those spots that I’d rather not draw attention to. *ahem*

Willow Wrap Dress & Top

Love Notions is offering 15% off either the Willow Wrap Top or Willow Wrap Dress, just use the coupon code “willow“. Both patterns are available separately or bundled with a special 25% off no coupon code needed. I personally can’t wait to find a spare afternoon to not only make myself a few more Willow Wrap Tops but also give the Willow Wrap Dress a whirl! (affiliate links)

Love Notions Willow Top Review // pensebrox.com



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