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The Bear Necessities


With cooler weather on the way my mind has switched to projects in order to keep the kids warm this season. While working on hats for Pen yesterday Seb became jealous that I was not working on a hat for him. I told him I’d make a special hat just for him once I completed his sister’s hats. This morning I whipped this little number up using two up-cycled shirts using the FREE Ribbed Beanie pattern from Delia Creates. I made the 4-10 year size because despite only turning 4 in just a few days, Seb has a large head. The hat fits him well with room to grow. Instead of adding the ribbed band, I extended that hat length 4″, serged the bottom edges of the top and lining layers together, then rolled up the excess to create a folded brim.

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Since Pen is only my second child, sibling jealousy is something of new territory for me. Most of the time Seb really is not particularly jealous but when it comes to me making something for Pen he always needs one made for him as well. Of course I’m always happy to oblige him. He was so happy about the hat the he did a “bear dance” for me.

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    Adorable! The combination of the two fabrics works really well. But I’m in love with the main one. I just want to zoom in and see if I can reproduce it!

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